Friday, October 15, 2021

The Best is Yet To Come: Plan Your 2022 with the Horacio Printing Christian Dream Planner {Enter to Win + Coupon Code} #horacioprinting #2022DreamPlanner

**Planner received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

Oftentimes it seems like we live in a world that values busy over all things, doesn't it?

The busier your schedule looks, the more successful you are. The busier you are, the better. But is that really the case? For many of us, the last few years have meant cancelled plans and that slowdown has given us time to focus more on what matters most to us. And shouldn't we have a planner that reflects that too?

Horacio Printing gives us just that, offering planners that help us to reduce distractions and build a God-focused schedule. I love that they focus not just on the things that we HAVE to get done, but also on the person that we want to become. I was excited to have the chance to received the Horacio Printing Christian Dream Planner 2022 for myself. 

First and foremost, I was impressed by this beautiful design.

The best is yet to come.

What a fantastic message for a planner... and a very much needed one for many of us after these last few years! 

I have tried out many planners over the years and while I have loved many, and have even had some that did offer places for prayers and had a bit of a Christian aspect to them, I feel like none of them quite pulled it off quite like this one did. I really liked how it helps users to focus their spiritual goals among it's pages in such a beautiful way. The personal growth plan is such a wonderful and personal addition that makes this planner truly unique. 

It also offers both a monthly and a weekly layout, with options to choose from for your weekly layout to best fit for preferences. Personally, I love my planners to have both a monthly overview and a weekly layout to allow for more detailed planning so this was perfect for me. The words of inspiration found within it's pages are ideal for keeping the focus on God, just as it should be...all while still be a beautiful and stunning design. I absolutely love everything about this planner and cannot wait to begin using it come January 1. 

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