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Wedding anniversary; 5 unique and thoughtful gifts to get for your friends


Wedding anniversaries are quite special. As a close friend, you would want to get a cute and thoughtful gift for your friends. If they are striking off another year of wedded bliss, you can choose many things to help them celebrate with something that is extra special. There is a range of options out there in the market, which can be quite overwhelming to choose from. You can take the help of milestone’s traditional themes or can go out of your way for personalized gifts as well. We have curated a list of our top picks to help you choose the perfect gift.


Cute map art

There are certain couples who are quite adventurous and love to plan trips. Their aims are to see the world together and do lots of activities that they have never done before. If you have friends like these, this creative anniversary gift idea is perfect. You can choose four cities from all over the globe. Think of places such as their hometowns, where they bought their first house, where they got engaged, where they had their wedding or even their favorite vacation spots. This can be personalized with their wedding date and their names, making it quite an adorable gift.


Multi-purpose pan

A lot of couples love to cook together. You can get a lovely gift for them such as a multi-purpose pan, which can be a wonderful upgrade for their kitchen. They will surely thank you and invite you out for a meal or two after such a gift. There are a lot of versatile pans available out there in the market. This is the one tool that most people do not know they need. Get one that can steam, broil, pan-fry, and even sauté.


Wine subscription box

There is a major trend in the market right now of getting subscription boxes as gifts. This is a gift that keeps on giving. If your friends are wine connoisseurs, this gift is the perfect one for them. Get them the best wine subscription gift that challenges their senses and introduces them to new and different kinds of wine every month. They can even host a wine tasting party with such a gift. They will surely cherish it.


Special lyric art

Some people go for humorous gifts, others go for practical ones. Do not be afraid to go all out with a sentimental and intimate gift for your friends. You can get them special lyric art that contains the favorite verses of their wedding songs printed as a stylish triptych. You can use many materials for this such as canvas, or even paper, depending on your budget.



Sometimes, the best gifts are the small ones. Get them a huge box of cupcakes to celebrate the sweet time that they have spent together. A bright and cute anniversary gift such as this is always practical and perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.


Wedding anniversaries are important milestones. You should try getting a personalized gift for your friends which they will remember forever.


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