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Top Things To Pack For Family Summer Picnic


The perfect way to embrace the sunny day and soak up the energizing rays of summer is by spending quality time with family. What’s more appealing than a family picnic?

If the task of finding the destination for the picnic has been accomplished, then let's get into the next most important part: planning the things to take with you. To enhance the beautiful experience of the picnic, some effort has to be taken into the planning. To help you with some choices, let's take a look at a few basic things to pack for a family picnic.

Things to pack for a family picnic

Picnic Blanket

If you are planning a picnic in a park or somewhere where pre-seating arrangements are unavailable, then you can always have a blanket to help with that. Make sure you carry a blanket that is big enough to have space for everyone. There are different picnic blankets available today which have additional features like waterproof, stable corners, etc. Pick out the best that suits your purpose.

Food and beverage

A picnic is not complete without some sandwiches, chips, salads, fruits, etc. While choosing food items, make sure that you choose the ones which are easy takeaways and are travel-friendly. Always carry a few mini condiments, preferably in small packets that are easy to use. (Note: Pack the food items with extra caution; maintain the temperature and moisture balance to avoid getting the food spoiled.)

During summer picnics, you wouldn't want to remain dehydrated. Carry plenty of plain drinking water, fruit juices, herbal teas, lemonades, etc., to keep up with the sun on top. Avoid the consumption of too many sodas or sugary drinks.

Plates and Cutlery

To avoid the trouble of finding things to keep your food or holding the drinks, ensure to carry the required plates and cutleries with you. These can include spoons, forks, knives, serving spoons, etc. Moreover, you can also add a few cups to the list with appropriate holders to hold up your drinks and avoid any spilling mess.

Trash bags

Enjoying the picnic is all fun, but you wouldn’t want to litter your picnic space. Make sure to carry some trash bags and ensure that the wastes are disposed of in the right way. Keep your environment clean so that you can have many more wonderful picnic days ahead.


Sunscreens are a necessary item during the picnic. When you plan a day filled with activities or just lunch under a shade, you wouldn't want to be troubled with sunburns. It's best to wear sunscreen at all times during the picnic to help avoid damage to the skin due to the UV radiation of the sun.

First Aid

It's important to carry a first aid kit for your picnic. A day spent outdoors can bring many surprises to you. Be prepared beforehand. Some things to add to your kit are essential medicines, insect repellants- to avoid being in contact with any harmful ones. Don't forget to include medicinal bandages such as manuka honey bandages from Firsthoney to help with small bruises or cuts and tweezers. Add cold packs- to help with sprains or swellings. Antihistamine – to cope up with your allergies, etc.


A good sunny day with a refreshing breeze is the perfect time for some family games. Maybe some fun board games or catch and throw, hide and seek, kite flying, etc., are some options to consider. You can always decide what games to play in advance. If the group is large, maybe a game of football or baseball can be fun.



Other things you can get apart from these are tissues and wipe and a picnic basket. You can always take a picnic basket to carry the items so that they can be kept organized as planned. Tissues and wipes can always come in handy if you would like to clean your hands after a delicious sandwich or maybe clean up your face and hands after a good sport. Always include some extras, because you never know when it’s the most needed! With all the planning, do not forget to have fun and have the best time with your dear ones


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