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Top 5 Staging Tips to Get Your Property Off the Market


Staging a property effectively can help get your home off the property market quickly. When selling a property, you want to make sure it appeals to potential buyers and that they can envision themselves living in it. Home staging is a technique undertaken by most professional home sellers, and it is a great way to highlight your property’s best features. Not only will it attract more potential buyers, when done properly it can also add value to your home. Here are a few home staging tips to help you turn heads for more money.

Make Sure Your Property Has Curb Appeal

When it comes to property, first impressions count. One of the first things potential buyers notice is your front door. In fact, some studies suggest that homes with dark colored front doors can sell for more than originally expected. If your current front door is in good working order, you don’t even need to purchase a new unit. Simply give the door a lick of paint, and don’t forget to touch up the hardware, too. Besides the entry door, make sure you have a working doorbell and that the rest of the facade is impeccable. If you have an outdoor space, show it off. Patio furniture and potted plants at the door can help make your property shine from the outside.

Empty and Declutter

Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. A cluttered hallway, personal bric-a-brac in the living room and framed photographs on the walls can make it harder for people to imagine a future in the property. Create a blank canvas by de-personalizing your space and removing all of the excess clutter from your entire home.

Deep Clean Your Home

When viewing a property many people are understanding about personal circumstances. However, no one wants to purchase a dirty, unkempt home. After you have emptied and decluttered your space, you need to deep clean every single room and surface. Make sure you take the time to scrub the floors, remove hanging cobwebs from the ceiling and erase scuff marks from the kick boards.

Organized Open Closets

If you store clothes in open closets, make sure everything is neat and tidy. An overstuffed closet filled with cheap, mismatched hangers can give a bad impression. Sort out your clothes and put lesser worn garments into storage boxes. Next, dispose of your old hangers and replace them with a high-quality set that matches. Wooden hangers are a great choice when staging a home. They will make your clothes look great in the closet, and you can even take them with you once your property has sold.


Freshen Up With a Candle

The sense of smell is incredibly powerful, and it can evoke different types of emotions. So, make sure your property has a fresh aroma by lighting scented candles.

The smell of herbs offer a homely vibe, vanilla makes a room feel cozy and citrus fruit scents are fresh and long-lasting. Scented candles are great for masking odors from pets and smoke, too.


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