Friday, August 27, 2021

Creating a Comfortable Living Space For a Young Family In 2021


Humans are, by design, incredibly resilient beings. Notwithstanding this fact, the world has faced significant challenges in recent times that have impacted upon our lives in an unprecedented manner.

A global health pandemic has seen everyday life change, often with precious little notice. Children and younger family members, while having a natural resilience and capacity to adapt may often struggle with sudden changes and adjustments to their routines – particularly when those changes become unpredictable and appear to threaten their normal security.

The family home generally provides a sense of constancy and reassurance during such times. Here are a few practical ideas to ensure that living space meets the needs of today.


Food, clothing and shelter


Throughout the ages, the basic necessities of life have remained fundamental and enduring – food, clothing and shelter. In present times, specific aspects of these three basic fundamentals have become important. Focusing on consuming a healthy diet for both adults and children is vital, particularly in times of disruption and stress. Similarly, elements of clothing have become more critical in a health crisis – the need for appropriate clothing, including the carriage and wearing of face masks, has become an important consideration, at least in the short-term.

Shelter, in this case the family home, has always had an important role to play in children’s development. Making some commonsense improvements will help improve your life at home.


Regulating the home environment


While a global health pandemic has been playing out, a second major world crisis is also in play, which feeds into the first practical considerations for home comfort.

With the climate steadily changing, many regions are experiencing localized weather changes – extremes of heat and cold, in particular. Maintaining control of the home’s temperature has become increasingly important. For those seeking to make improvements to home air conditioning systems, or to ensure the existing system is clean, hygienic and working to an optimal level, a glance at a site such as Global Heating and Air Conditioning will assist.

Maintaining the ambient temperature of the home in a constant comfortable range benefits children and younger adults by promoting both physical health and mental wellbeing.


Light and ventilation


When children are spending more time indoors, pay specific attention to the amount of natural light and ventilation in living and play areas. There is no substitute for natural light, and Vitamin D is a natural byproduct of sunlight. The health benefits include the strengthening of bones and teeth, which is critical for children in their formative years. Further benefits include the strengthening of the immune and cardiovascular system.

With respect to mental health, sunlight also stimulates the production of serotonin – a chemical that promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It further promotes healthier sleep patterns and aids memory retention.

Similarly, good ventilation and fresh air have significant health benefits, including the regulation of blood pressure and the heart rate, as well as the promotion of healthy lung function.

Making home-life a bit more comfortable will be worth it.


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