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Eco-Friendly Clothing - 4 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch


Buying clothes for just one season is wise. Why? Because fashion trends change so fast. Throwing away slightly damaged garments is also a convenient choice because buying them is not very expensive these days. But the price of this convenience is rather high, and both people and the environment pay for this.


Did you know, the fashion and clothing industry contributes to over 10% of one year's carbon emissions? This is a significant number considering just one industry is responsible, and there is no way you can stop using clothes! So, what's the alternative? Read to find out all about how fashion can be more eco-friendly yet stylish and why you should make the switch.

What Is Sustainable Clothing?


For all the above reasons and more, a new revolution in the fashion industry happened. The 'slow fashion' movement called for the use of sustainable and eco-friendly ways to produce, package, use, and recycle clothes. Sustainable clothing starts from the basic– fabric and ends when the entire (or a good portion) of the clothes are repurposed. Such clothes help minimize the carbon footprint by reducing pliage in landfills or oceans.

Why Is Eco-Friendly Clothing the Need of the Hour?


Here are the top 4 reasons why sustainable clothing warrants your support now more than ever.


     Lets the Earth Breathe

By definition, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing is a true friend to the planet. When you buy from a sustainable clothing studio, you help reduce carbon emissions caused due to overseas manufacturing, logistics, non-standardized waste-disposal laws, etc. The fabric used in such products is locally grown and is 100% traceable and long-lasting. This ensures they don't end up in landfills.


     Supports Local Designers and Artists

All major fashion houses outsource their operations to countries where labor is cheap. This drains out employment opportunities, leaving local designers and artists helpless. A major goal of sustainable clothing is to source and supply locally, giving the much-needed push to designers and artisans.


     They Are Very High-Quality

Another reason for choosing sustainable women's fashion is that it is of high quality. All of the fashion brands producing eco-friendly clothes are popular for their classic and supreme quality products that are timeless. Thus, women who are always in search of some unique clothes that will reflect their persona, can opt for such beautiful pieces without a doubt.


     Is Stylish, Personalized, and Affordable

Let's face it. There is no point in making an eco-friendly jacket if it is not stylish or affordable. But, the reality is far from this. Today's sustainable clothes are not just good for Mother Nature but also great to impress your boyfriend's mother!

Summing Up


As the supreme species on the planet, humans seek comfort and convenience in all that they do. Unfortunately, the price for this comfort is too much, even if they don't realize it today.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry, more and more buyers and makers are making the switch to sustainable fashion. It's time you do it too!







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