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5 Ways to Stay Active This Winter


Winter is perhaps the most challenging time of the year for weight-watchers and fitness buffs. There are good chances to fall for the tempting indulgences of the festive season. More often, your workout plans take a hit because of the rain and snow. Even worse, your motivation levels can fall prey to laziness and the sheer desire to stay tucked indoors. Fortunately, there are ways to stay active in the season despite the challenges. Let us share some tips to help you stay ahead of your fitness goals and keep the extra pounds off.

Stay motivated

The most important piece of advice is to keep your motivation levels going. Set realistic goals and break them into smaller milestones. Keeping track of progress helps you stay true to your targets. Partnering with a gym buddy is a great idea because they give you healthy competition and motivate you day in and day out. Your personal trainer also has a role to play in keeping you motivated and regular.

Move it indoors

The worst thing you can do with your winter workout plan is to use the weather as an excuse to procrastinate. It is easy to avoid the situation by investing in an indoor activity plan. Consider setting up a small home gym that keeps you busy when it is too cold to go out for a walk or to the gym. Alternatively, you can join an online aerobics or Zumba class to stay active.

Gear up for an outdoor workout

There are days when you will want to step out and enjoy the freezing weather, and you must do it. Outdoor exercise during winter is easier than you imagine as you feel better once you warm up. Gear up with a cozy gym jacket, warm leggings, a pair of gloves, fleeced socks, and a cap, and you are good to go. Pick trendy stuff, as it will boost your motivation to drive down to the gym or go out for the morning jog.

Time your workouts

It isn’t necessary to pick the coldest mornings and freezing evenings for exercise. Weekends make the best workout days for winters. You can go for an afternoon run and enjoy the sunny day. On the weekdays, you can step out for a brisk walk after lunch. Reschedule your routine, and you can stick with your activity levels without worrying about the sub-zero temperatures.

Change up your lifestyle

Staying active is more than slogging in the gym. You can simply switch up your lifestyle to move more every day. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs to start with. Walk to the market instead of driving down. You can even find a fun activity that gets you moving. A dance class with your partner or activity class with the kids gets you going. Count your daily steps and try to beat your own record.

Staying active throughout the cold winter months is easier than you imagine. You only need to find creative ways to keep moving. Just follow these tips, and the scales will keep going down.


  1. I just moved to a state with cold winters, so these suggestions are very helpful.


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