Friday, July 23, 2021

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Linen Dress


If there were one thing that could be synonymous with comfort, hands down, it would be— linen. It is a super breathable fabric that makes it quite appealing for the summer months. But it won't also be wrong to say that it is a year-round fabric.


But these breathable flax fibers have certain rigid attributes. Thus, if there is any crease, it will stay for the entire duration of wear. Having said that, some linen fabric users often advocate that wrinkles are a part of this beauty and casual appeal.


Now that you know about linen clothing, here are some tips and tricks to keep it looking nice without having to pay for any hefty dry cleaning bill.


Let's begin!


Machine-Washing Linen


Linen clothes might seem delicate, but they are pretty durable. But before you start cleaning your garment, you must ensure to check the manufacturer's label for any special instructions. For instance, if your clothing is a blend of cotton or rayon, the care instructions might vary slightly.


As a golden rule, you can machine launder linen skirts, shorts, and pants. But make sure you use cold water to rinse the clothing. Also, keep it on a delicate/ short cycle. Moreover, don't use any harsh laundry detergents to wash linen fabrics.


Also, make sure you separate your white linen dress from colored fabrics. This is because new linen tends to bleed during washing.


But what about if you want to hand wash linen clothing? Keep scrolling through and find out!


Hand-Washing Linen


If you want to hand-wash your linen dress, make sure to keep it in a clean sink containing cool water and a mild detergent. Gently agitate the clothes and gradually remove them from the soapy water. Now, refill your sink with clean water and rinse the soapy clothes until they become soap-free.


But what if your garment has a stain?


Stain Removal From Linen


If somehow your clothing gets a stain, you can remove the stain using a club soda. You can also remove the stain using an everyday hairspray or rubbing alcohol. But make sure to test it before to check for colorfastness.


Steer clear from using any bleach on your linen garments. If you are still doubtful, consult a professional.


Now that you washed your clothes, you need to dry them as well.


Drying Linen


You must air-dry your linen dress after hanging it in a padded hanger. You can even place it flat on any drying rack. Never dry your linen fabric using a clothes dryer. But you can always tumble dry on low for around five minutes to help the fabric lose its wrinkles. Never wring your linen clothes to remove the excess water. You can roll the piece of clothing in a towel to do that.


So, your clothes are finally dry. The next step is to make them ready for wearing.


Ironing Linen


Ironing linen usually involves moisture and steam. All you have to do is set it on the linen setting while the garment is a bit damp. The heat during the process of ironing will dry the fabric and remove any leftover wrinkles.


Remember, if you dried your garment before, you could use a steam iron to keep the crisp look of linen.


Wrapping Up


Buying a linen dress is fantastic. But like any other garment, you need to take care of it to avoid losing its charm.






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