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Why Every Adult Should Consider Planning Their Own Funeral


When you’re a young adult, life is busy, and you may not think much about the future. But it’s important for you to ensure everything is in order, in case the worst happens, as things like accidents or sudden illnesses can strike at any time. Below, you’ll find some of the reasons to think about funeral planning, no matter what your age.

You can choose the funeral director

If you sort out funeral planning now, you can work with a funeral director of choice, and make decisions about your future ceremony. For example, funeral director services by AFS include a pre-planning service, so you can make sure everything is in order. Most people have wishes that they want carried out for their funeral, and this may include details such as:

The type of ceremony, whether religious or secular
·         Flowers
·         Music
·         Details about the wake

Working with a funeral director now means you can officially get these details on record, so your family will know exactly what to do.

You can decide what happens to you

A big decision that many families face is whether to opt for a burial or a cremation. Most people don’t talk much about what they want done with their body when they die, but if you plan your funeral in advance, you can choose a burial or cremation, or other options if you wish. This can be comforting to your family, as they can be sure they’re doing the right thing when it comes to carrying out your funeral.

Payment can be made in advance

Many people don’t think about the cost of their funeral, but if someone dies suddenly, it can be a difficult expense to cover. After all, funerals can run into the thousands, even for a basic cremation, and money is often tied up while the will is being sorted.

If you pre-plan your funeral, you can make payments towards it, safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens, everything is organised and paid for, which really helps your family out.

When someone dies, there’s a lot to do

If you’ve ever dealt with the death of a close loved one, you’ll know that a sudden death can come with a lot of hassle and paperwork. While there are systems in place to help, such as the death notification service, there will be a lot for your family to do. This means, anything that makes their lives easier is a good thing. If your funeral is all pre-planned, all they need to do is show up, so a lot of the stress and hassle is taken away. While it doesn’t take away the pain of your death, it can be comforting.

Nobody likes to think about the worst happening to them, but it can happen at any age. Pre-planning your funeral can make things simpler for your family and reassures them that they’re doing the right thing after you die. It means one less responsibility for your next of kin during a tough time.


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