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Where He Leads Blog Tour: Author Interview + Giveaway


Where He Leads JustRead Blog + Review Tour

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Where He Leads
Title: Where He Leads
Series: Desires of the Heart #1
Author: Lynne Lanning
Release Date: January 24, 2021
Genre: Christian, Historical/Western Romance 

By the age of 11, Lilly had suffered more horrific circumstances, than any adult should have to bear. She lost both of her parents and the only home she ever knew, then was forced to move away from her brothers and sisters. 

Why had God allowed all of this tragedy? 

Pa had found the perfect home for her before his death. Through her new family’s loving care and instruction, Lilly grew into a beautiful young lady, filled with compassion, intelligence, and having a strong faith in God. 

When she met Tommy, her heart flipped! How could she make all of the life lessons she had learned, her faith in God, and Tommy fit into God’s plan for her life? Was Tommy truly part of God’s plan for her? 

Tommy and his mother’s past brought possible danger to anyone close to them. Could Lilly put her family through that? Should she abandon Tommy and the feelings she had for him? Could prayer be the answer? 

With more circumstances beyond their control fighting against them, it seemed their troubles would never end. Would God allow her the Desires of her Heart? 

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Lynne Lanning

Lynne and her husband, Roger, live in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina. Enjoying the life of an artist/crafter, she nurtures three generations of creativity, encouraging the natural talents of her children and grandchildren. Her stories are full of romance and action mixed with humor and sass, encouraging her readers to identify with the characters while evoking emotion. Lynne enjoys canning and preserving fresh veggies that Roger grows in his amazing garden. She also has a passion for cooking, singing, reading and volunteer work at her church.

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Welcome Lynne! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and allow my readers a chance to get to know you and your newest book Where He Leads.

I like to start these interviews the same way, with something fun to break the ice. Can you share 5 random facts about you that we will not find in your bio. 

1. I LOVE coffee...too much.  I drink it from the time I get up, until I go to bed.
2. I am an absolute night owl.  I’ve tried to change it, but it’s hopeless.  I can’t create during chaos, or even suspected chance of it.  After everyone else is in bed for the night, that’s my time to shine.  No phone calls, no chores, no visits, no interruptions.  I can relax and really get into my creative bubble.
3. I live my life on a constant diet.  Even when I’m not on a “diet”, I still won’t allow myself half of what I would really like to eat.
4. My brain thinks I’m much younger than my body tells me I am.  I drive an orange Challenger, just because my brain told me I could.  My knees tell me to grow up.
5. I dress like a hippie.  I was too young at the time to be one, but I sure like dressing like one.  I have long, straight hair, I wear Janis Joplin sunglasses, and bright colored, flowing skirts and shirts.

When did you first discover you had a passion and talent for writing?

I have always enjoyed writing.  I took some journalism classes, but always considered it a hobby.  I have boxes filled with stories, poetry, journals and interviews (some on cassette tapes), packed away.  The interviews are with people who have passed away, but they gave me vivid pictures of how things were when they were young.  I hope to use the knowledge they shared in my writings.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for creating this series?

It started out being the story of my grandmother’s childhood, being orphaned by age 9, and being taken away from all her siblings and the only home she ever knew.  I wanted to show how she never let circumstances get her down and how she let the Lord lead her.

What type of research goes into bringing this story to life?

Much more research than I had imagined.  What diseases were known to them and how did they treat it; when were bicycles so popular that they were given as Christmas presents; laws about fornication/adultery; how fast did trains travel; and the list goes on!

What was the most challenging part?

When I got past my grandmother’s childhood and she became a young lady, I had to write complete fiction.  My grandparents never showed any outward affection to speak of.  I had to envision a young couple in love that was not my grandparents…(my grandparents always looked old to me, of course, and I couldn’t bring myself to write love scenes about them).  Once I took on that new mindset with fictional characters, I was okay.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Where He Leads

God used me as an instrument for writing it.  I had very little to do with it, except praying and typing.  It has real circumstances involved that people can identify with, showing the reader the need for God in their life.  Even though we try to hang on and make our own decisions, if we let God lead us, He has a much better plan than we do.  

I had a woman in New Zealand contact me on FaceBook.  She was reading “Where He Leads” and asked me to help lead her to the Lord.  That is what it’s all about and is worth more than a thousand best seller lists!

What do you hope readers will take away from the book? 

A closer, personal relationship with the Lord.

What can we expect in the series to come? 

Lots of adventure, drama, humor, suspense.  #3 in the Desires of the Heart series - Trust and Obey, needs to come with a box of tissues, it is heartbreaking, (and is based on another one of my ancestors).  #4 - Just As I Am, has two separate mysteries.  All have love stories and are full of Christian life lessons.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions. Before you go, are there any other projects you are currently working on that you can share?

I am currently working on final edits on the first book of a new series “Darnell Farm” and I’m on the last chapter of the rough draft of book #2 of that series.  These new characters are wonderful and I’m already in love with them and their story.  I am still debating on book #5 of Desires of the Heart; the ideas are there, but I may save them for another series...that still remains to be seen!

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