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Travel the World with Prestel Summer Reads {+ Enter to Win}


**Books received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

In Mona Lisa in New York by Yevgenia Nayberg (Prestel Junior; 3/9/21; ISBN: 978-3791374451; Hardcover $14.95; Ages 4-8; 32 pages), a love letter to New York City, Mona Lisa is a tourist who experiences the city for the first time, and finds art, love, and inspiration in unexpected places.

Mona Lisa is taking a trip to New York from the Louvre. Yes, that Mona Lisa. The one with the knowing smile. After hanging in the museum for a while she decides to explore the city. She slips out of her painting and meets Tag, a street art figure. He takes her on an adventure from the Bronx to the Brooklyn Bridge and it turns out Mona Lisa doesn't know as much as she thought. In this beautiful and charming book, artist Yevgenia Nayberg, an immigrant to New York herself, shows young readers the city she has fallen in love with. Cleverly portraying da Vinci's iconic subject as a world-weary, know-it-all, Nayberg takes readers on a tour of New York. Mona Lisa and Tag eat pizza in the Bronx, listen to jazz in Harlem, dance to salsa music on the High Line, and swim at Brighton Beach. As Mona Lisa says goodbye to her new friend, she--and the readers--come away with a profound appreciation of the city and its wonders.

Spend hours navigating the world's great rivers with Great Rivers of the World by Volker Mehnert and illustrated by Martin Haake (Prestel Junior; 3/23/21; ISBN: 978-3791374703; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 8-12; 40 pages), a vibrant, fact-filled book for kids that blends geography, history, and culture.

Where in the Rhein does the Nibelung Treasure lie? What river helps mark the prime meridian? Why do people make pilgrimages to the Indian city of Benares? Why is the Mekong called the "Nine Dragon" river in Vietnam? How does the Mississippi divide and unite the United States? These and hundreds of other facts are explored in this wonderfully illustrated atlas of the world's great rivers. Each spread in this book offers a colorful map packed with drawings, figures, and facts. Cities that border the rivers are highlighted, as are distinct flora and fauna, significant natural and human-made features, and fascinating historical details. A "biography" of each river describes where it flows, and its importance to the communities it passes through. Special attention is given to the ecological health of the rivers--those that are thriving and those in danger of losing their valuable habitats. Along the way, young readers will come to understand the enormous impact that rivers have on our lives, while learning valuable information in a way that will spark their curiosity and imagination.

Join scientists on an unforgettable journey to Antarctica in illustrated children's book Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder by Mario Cuesta Hernando and illustrated by Raquel Martín (Prestel Junior; 6/29/21; ISBN: 978-3791374567; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 5-8; 48 pages).

Come aboard the Polar Star and accompany its crew on their half-year stay in Antarctica. Through full-page illustrations, children will experience the work and life of these explorers and scientists as they study penguins, whales, and seals, measure the depth of the ice, chart wind speeds of up to 186 mph (300km/h), examine old volcanoes, and withstand some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded. Kids will also learn about Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, the legendary explorers who first set foot on Antarctica. Equal parts thrilling adventure and in-depth exploration, this book is an unforgettable illustrated expedition to Antarctica that is sure to satisfy the boldest bedtime traveler.

This evocative cookbook invites kids of all ages to the table for more mouthwatering innovative outdoor fare put together by the James Beard Award-nominated author of Wild: Adventure Cooking.

In her first cookbook, Sarah Glover showed the world how liberating, satisfying, and easy it is to cook beautiful healthy food outdoors. Now she brings kids of all ages into the mix in Wild Child (Prestel; 5/4/21; ISBN: 978-3791387208; Hardcover $25.00; All Ages; 144 pages), proving that they too can take part in collecting, preparing, and cooking campfire meals the whole family can enjoy. Glover's simple yet elegant meals are inspired by the land and the sea: fish and ears of corn dangled on a stick over an open flame; perfect bread baked directly on hot coals; kale and potatoes simmered in saltwater; eggs fried alongside spicy sausage and toast; chili-brined cherry tomatoes--and more. Glover emphasizes fresh seasonal food that can be acquired locally. And, while her techniques date back to ancient traditions, the flavors are distinctly modern. Brimming with gorgeous landscape photography from across the Australian continent, this stylish yet down-to-earth cookbook encourages families to embrace the outdoors, teaches young chefs valuable techniques and life skills, and proves once again that everything tastes better cooked over an open flame.


YEVGENIA NAYBERG's illustrations and paintings have appeared in magazines, picture books, record albums, and theater posters. In 2018 she received a Sydney Taylor Silver Medal for illustrating the book Drop by Drop by Jacqueline Jules. Originally from Russia, she now lives in New York City. https://nayberg.org/


SARAH GLOVER has worked as a chef and pastry chef in Tasmania, Sydney, and New York City. Her first book, Wild (Prestel, 2018) was nominated for a 2019 James Beard Award for Best Photography. She lives in Tasmania, Australia. https://www.sarahglover.com.au/


MARIO CUESTA HERNANDO is a journalist and scriptwriter of many different programs relating to nature and adventure. He has traveled to Antarctica on a Spanish Navy Vessel. https://www.instagram.com/mario.cuestahernando/

RAQUEL MARTÍN is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona, who currently lives on the beautiful island of Minorca, Spain. https://raquelmartin.net/


VOLKER MEHNERT is a journalist, travel writer, and author of a children's biography of the explorer Alexander von Humboldt.

MARTIN HAAKE has created illustrated works for The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Penguin Books, and Volkswagen. His illustrations have earned him several awards, including the German Art Directors Club's silver medal, of which he is a two-time recipient. He lives in Berlin, Germany. http://www.martinhaake.de/

Travel the world this summer without leaving your backyard!

That's the joy of books, isn't it? We may not be able to plan a trip around the world--- be it due to an ongoing pandemic or finances, perhaps a little bit of both... but with books? Oh, books allow us to travel anywhere and anytime in the world through their pages and our imagination. We were excited to have the chance to check out these new books from Prestel Junior.

First up, Mona Lisa in New York. My daughter actually really likes the Mona Lisa and so this stuck out to her right away... it was a fun story that celebrated the city in a unique way unlike any story I'd seen before. I think it also served as a great way to introduce kids to this classic piece of art work as well. This was definitely up there as a favorite among the books we received. 

Next we traveled to the great rivers of the world in, well, Great Rivers of the World. This book was beautifully illustrated featuring a variety of rivers around the world... packed with facts and great history, this book brought learning about these different places to life in a fun way that my daughter really seemed to enjoy. 

Then comes Antarctica. My daughter likes penguins, so this one also stuck out to her. She loved learning all the different facts about Antarctica from the wildlife that calls it their home to the explorers who first explored it. There is a lot of fun information to unpack in this one. The beautifully illustrations helped to draw us in and keep us turning the pages! 

While we enjoyed all of these books, the final book Wild Child was certainly our favorite by far. My daughter and I both love and collect cookbooks... and this one is quite the unique addition to our collection. This one encourages kids to embrace and active, outdoor life with great recipes that can be cooked outside over an open fire. This is perfect for the family who loves to camp and is looking for unique recipes to try during their next camping trips. My husband--- who is certainly more of an outdoor person than most--- also really appreciates this type of cookbook too. It may be aimed to kids, but it's definitely one that the whole family can benefit from checking out. 


One (1) winner will receive a 4-book hardcover summer travel set from Prestel: Mona Lisa in New York by Yevgenia Nayberg (Prestel Junior; 3/9/21; ISBN: 978-3791374451; Hardcover $14.95; Ages 4-8; 32 pages), Great Rivers of the World by Volker Mehnertand illustrated by Martin Haake (Prestel Junior; 3/23/21; ISBN: 978-3791374703; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 8-12; 40 pages), Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder by Mario Cuesta Hernando and illustrated by Raquel Martín (Prestel Junior; 6/29/21; ISBN: 978-3791374567; Hardcover $19.95; Ages 5-8; 48 pages), and Wild Child by Sarah Glover (Prestel; 5/4/21; ISBN: 978-3791387208; Hardcover $25.00; All Ages; 144 pages). 
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  1. These look like great books to entertain and to learn. I'm sure my daughter would enjoy them.


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