Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Taking Time Out As A Busy Parent


As a parent your days can be pretty full on. One minute you are doing the school run and the next you are cooking the evening meal. The whole process of parenting can, therefore, feel very thankless and very full on, and to make matters worse it does not always end when the kids go to bed or go to sleep, as then you have to start washing and cleaning ready for round two the next day. As a busy parent it can be very difficult to find and take time out for yourself, but no matter how challenging the situation may feel, there are always more positive and brighter days on the horizon which you can start looking forwards to.

Why You Need Time Out

When you have no time out then you are not looking after yourself as well as you should be. When you do not look after yourself as well as you should be, then how can you possibly be feeling good, positive or upbeat. You need time out to regroup and get back your emotional strength and clarity. If you are not strong then how can you expect to tackle your problems head on.

What You Can Do with Your Free Time

Is there something that you have been wanting to do or something new you have been wanting to try? Well now you have no excuse, that bit of free time you have, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour gives you the opportunity to pursue what makes you happy. Get out there and join new clubs or groups or get on with making new friends and meeting people. As your children get older you will be able to have more time, so do not feel down if you want a couple of hours free instead of an hour here or there, it will happen eventually.

Re-energizing As You Go

As you are on the go, it is important that you recharge and revitalize your body. You can do this by having regular naps and you could also ensure that your diet is full of slow releasing foodstuffs. If you are on the go and rushing around then you can rescue yourself with something like a sparkling ginger water from and a high protein food snack such as a nutbar to accompany your drink and give you that all important energy kick you need.

Trying To Get a Healthy and Happy Balance

A healthy balance is personal to you and it could mean more sleep for you, more time to cook nutritious meals or simply more time to sit and have a coffee in the middle of the day. Trying to achieve a balance is what every parent wants including yourself should be working towards. Having a harmonious life, being calm and having time for each other can help achieve a healthy balance.

After a balance has been achieved and you realize you can snatch a few minutes away to yourself each day then you will start to see the whole process of parenting as something that is more fun, enjoyable and memorable.


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"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24