Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Should I Go To Church? (The Answer is Yes)


Should I go to church?

 If the idea of spending part of your day off, sitting in a pew, sounds like a waste of time, we completely understand. After all, if you've never been to church before, you have no idea how attending a service could benefit your life.

The truth is, church isn't a way to waste your life, but rather a way to extend it. Regular church attendance can help you lead a longer life, and experience fewer health problems with age.

What other reasons should you go to church? Read on to learn the top benefits of going to church.

Connect With a Higher Power

Whether you believe in god, or the power of universal goodness, life gets better when you realize you don't have to do everything. Going to church helps you build a relationship with a higher power of your understanding. Instead of feeling like every problem that comes into your life, is something you have to fight head-on, you'll have a trusted guide to turn to.

If you're not ready to say you believe in God, that's okay. Even if you're just a little bit curious about what church has to offer, you owe it to yourself to walk through those doors. You're going to love the people you meet, and a church atmosphere is unlike any other room you've been in. Let the music wash over you as if it’s the Sound of Heaven, and you’ll feel your soul smiling.

Expand Your Social Circle

If your spiritual life is already flourishing, should you still go to church? Absolutely! The church is one of the best places to meet quality people that you can build lifelong relationships. From friends to babysitters and even employment opportunities, the church setting is a prime setting for networking.

Oftentimes, during the church service, there will be a meet and greet time. During the meet and greet time, you'll be asked to turn to your neighbors and introduce yourself. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous, that's completely normal.

After all, talking to strangers can feel strange at first. However, when you remember that people come to church to give and feel love, you'll begin to feel a sense of camaraderie.

Should I Go to Church Activities?

Should I go to church activities? Absolutely. It's always a great idea to explore the church's extracurricular activities. Examples of extracurricular activities churches throw include things such as book clubs, athletic meetups, and even counseling sessions. If the church you're attending is a popular one, they probably have all sorts of fun get-togethers too.

Spend a few minutes on the church's website to see what type of activities they offer. Next, when you go to church ask if they have any brochures you can take home that outline their community calendar. Finally, pick one Church activity you can commit to going to, and show up.

From there, you can sit back and let your higher power take the wheel. Before you know it, you'll be on a path to spiritual fulfillment with a group of people you call friends.

Find a Church Near Me

The next time you hear someone wondering, “should I go to church?”, you’ll already know the answer. From expanding your social circle to satisfying your deepest spiritual cravings, the church has so many benefits to offer. Search, “church near me”, and find a service that you can attend this week.

Next, peruse the service’s website, to see what’s on their calendar. If you make it a point to attend the service and show up for an extracurricular activity, you'll be setting yourself up for success. For more tips like these, check out the rest of our site.



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