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Quarantine Birthday- How To Make It A Special One For Your Partner

After a long year of staying indoors, things seem to be getting better. The vaccine rollouts are gathering steam, restrictions are less stringent, and life is moving towards normalcy gradually. But as everyone knows, it is the new normal, and the virus is still here. Experience shows that it can hit back with vengeance, as the world struggles with new strains and resurgent waves.

Home is still the safest place, and it is best to avoid outings and social gatherings for now. It’s yet another year of indoor celebrations, so you cannot take your partner out for an exotic vacation or to her favorite dining venue. But it doesn’t mean you cannot arrange a special treat for your special one. Trying something different may sound challenging after last year’s quarantine birthday, but there are many ideas you can explore. Let us share a few with you.

Make it grand

At-home does not have to be boring and low-key. Think grand and make the day special for your partner. Plan a surprise with your gang as you can organize a small get-together with your close friends. But make sure you prepare a guest list with their besties. Call them well in advance to know about their well-being and request them not to give a hint to the birthday boy or girl. Be extra sure about social distancing with the seating arrangement. Plan an outdoor dinner because you can easily follow the rules and ensure that everyone has a great time. Choose everything lavish, from the cake to the menu, music, and décor.

Plan an awesome-twosome

If your partner is a private person, an awesome twosome date night at home is an excellent idea for a quarantine birthday party. But do not skimp on the lavishness factor. They deserve the best you can give. Have the best décor and the most expensive wine on the menu, even as you don't have guests. Order food from their favorite restaurant or create a culinary delight in the kitchen. Start early, with breakfast in bed and a big bouquet of roses. Make the entire day special with one surprise after the other.

Don’t forget the basics

Quarantine or no quarantine, you cannot overlook the birthday basics. Your partner will expect a gift, so pick a thoughtful one to make the day even more special. Choose something they really need. For example, the latest laptop model is a great pick if he works from home with his own device. You can gift a trendy kitchen appliance to your wife to speed up her work in the kitchen. Order the prettiest Papaya birthday greeting cards and place them at different places around the house. You can even use them creatively to plan a treasure hunt for their gift.

Pamper your partner

Life could not be more stressful than it is right now. There is anxiety everywhere as you deal with WFH pressures, financial apprehensions, and a general fear of the virus. The best thing you can do for your partner this birthday is to pamper them with an at-home spa session. It is amazingly easy, and you can see some online videos to learn the basics of massage, facial, and spa therapy. Gather your stuff in advance and create a spa at home, complete with scented candles and fresh flowers. Give them personalized services and make it the most special birthday ever.

Plan a road trip

If you are an adventure-loving couple, you will probably be itching to get out of the house. You can plan a vacation as a birthday gift, but it is best to travel by road. Since you travel in your own vehicle, there is hardly a possibility of catching the virus. A road trip to a nearby destination can be a perfect way to celebrate the day. You can even plan an outdoor camping trip or rent a vacation rental by the beach. Choose a less crowded place as it will offer the privacy you need and reduce the risk of infection. You may even plan a day trip to their favorite getaway nearby.

It is easy to run short of quarantine birthday ideas when you have to do it for two years at a stretch. But you can still make an effort to create the best memories for your partner on this special occasion. Just listen to your heart and do everything that will make them happy. You need not spend a fortune as the simplest gestures are often the best. So go ahead and celebrate!




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