Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Donkey Devos Epic Book Launch


About the Book

Book:  Donkey Devos: Listen When God Speaks

Author: Susan K. Stewart

Genre: Devotional

Release date: July 15, 2021

Did you know the Bible mentions only two talking animals? Each of these creatures had a different message. The first to speak out was the serpent. This character certainly wasn’t a model. If God was using this snake for a test drive, I can see why he kept the mouths of the other animals closed. This snake in the grass spoke words meant for evil. Later God allowed another animal to speak—the lowly donkey. The beast of burden. This time the animal had words of wisdom.

Susan K. Stewart expected dogs, cats, and the occasional goldfish would be all the pets she’d need—until the day Susan met donkeys at a rescue center. A few years after that fateful visit, three donkeys became part of the Stewart family. Susan soon learned these humble creatures are still messengers of wisdom.

Donkey Devos is a collection of forty pearls Susan has learned from spending time learning about her equine friends and chatting with them. She uses her experiences, donkey facts, and Biblical donkey details to share the truths God has taught. The whole family will delight in the donkey tales with a message from God.



Donkeys can be determined as well. Getting the box close enough to start the demolition wasn’t easy for them. One of them, probably Jeb, the master at attaining forbidden items, reached through the barbed wire fence. Whether he pawed it until he broke a side or reached through and grabbed it with his teeth, we’ll never know. Once the destruction began, he and Neesy had a good time.

Don’t we get bored? A shiny, new thing comes along, or even a dull cardboard box full of the mundane, and we grab hold. We set aside that which doesn’t seem to be tasty enough or shiny enough.

 Have you ever been bored at a worship service? We think things like we sang that song last month, or the pastor says the same prayer every week. When we’re supposed to be standing before Almighty God and giving him glory, we are slouched in muck of our own making.

 Think about who we worship—the Creator of the universe, the all-powerful, the One. How in the world could our lives with him get boring? What has happened to the early excitement of worshipping our Lord? What changed? Truly, not God.


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Susan K. Stewart didn’t expect to become a “donkey whisper,” as some of her neighbors say. One day God put her in a herd of donkeys, and it was love at first bray. Susan and her husband Bob live in Central Texas with their three dogs, three cats, numerous chickens, and inspiring donkeys. They have three children and six outstanding grandchildren. Susan’s passion is to inspire readers with practical, real-world solutions and a few donkey stories.

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