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6 Things Every Garden Needs


If you’re lucky enough to have garden space you can use and enjoy, then you’ll also want to make sure you’re filling it with the right items and that the right tools support it. If you’re new to garden maintenance or just looking into how you can make the best of your garden in terms of design and features, then here are six things every garden needs.

1. Privacy

Privacy is important for any garden in terms of safety and your own ability to relax. If you feel too exposed or overlooked, especially in busy areas or on a busy street, it may make you feel as though you’re limited to what you can enjoy in your garden space or how well you can relax. If you have a family and young child, you may also be thinking about best protecting them and keeping them safe.

The best way to ensure privacy for your garden is by installing borders. This could be tall fencing, hedges, or bushes.

2. A Seating Area

You can’t fully enjoy your garden if you don’t have a proper place to sit! You may want a few comfortable chairs, some sun loungers, or maybe even a full table and chairs to enjoy outside dining from time to time.

A seating area can make a garden more useable and serve as a focal point for a decked area or a patio space.

3. A Dependable Lawn Mower (or Decking Cleaner)

Whether your garden is grass or stone, it still needs the right tools to help keep on top of it. A dependable lawn mower is going to make all the difference to the appearance and care of your lawn, and zero turn mowers can make lawn maintenance a lot easier.

If you have decking or stone instead, make sure to have a reliable cleaning option, like a power washer, so that your garden can always look its best.

4. Basic Gardening Tools

Some basic tools for general garden maintenance include weeding tools and a trowel, but the selection of tools you might need will depend on how green-fingered you are. If you intend to plant and keep lots of plants, flowers, or even vegetables, then you’ll need the right kind of gardening tools to fit the bill.

5. A Shed or Other Storage

Outside space is ideal for having extra storage space for home or garden items. Especially if you do have a large garden mower and lots of tools, you’re going to need somewhere safe and dry to store them. Of course, a shed is an ideal option, but you can also look into smaller storage bins for smaller items.

6. Adequate Lighting

As a finishing touch, think about how to illuminate your space best. This is both for design purposes and for safety. For example, if you’re planning to spend darker nights in your garden, proper lighting means you can move around safely. Some of the best options for garden lighting include solar-powered lighting and fairy lights if you’d like to create a more magical or ambient environment.


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