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3 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in Summer


As the summer is bringing in good weather, it’s time to wash your car and have a fantastic road trip! However, it is also a good time to focus on polishing the outdoor areas of your property! It’s the season for gardening, construction, and maintenance. 


In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how to improve your home this summer whilst also taking in the sunshine. 


Landscaping and gardening

Most summer home improvement projects can be done DIY. Landscaping and gardening are top of this list. You don't need to be a pro gardener, even just clearing the weeds and increasing the greenery can make a big difference; but best of all, it can all be done on a low budget.


Landscaping can make the first impression of your home inviting, and add 15% to its value. Some popular ideas are DIY water features, paths, and flower gardens. You can even plant vegetable gardens to help you eat healthier, spend less, and reduce waste. If you live in a big city like Toronto, you can easily find cost-effective landscaping Toronto services.


De-gut your gutters

This may not be the most interesting job, however, it is necessary. Gutters are essential for channeling the water away from your roof and the foundations of your home. Clearing them out or doing appliance repair can prevent you from a costly bill of needing to get the whole guttering replaced. There is a myth that people think that professional appliance repair is too expensive to use. However, if you find a reliable local fridge repair or stove repair technician, you will get great services at affordable rates.


Although, if your gutters are leaking or sagging, it’s probably time for an update. What better time than during the summer? Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference new gutters can make to the outside appearance of their home, and can ramp up the price when selling. 


Build an outhouse

If you have a decent amount of land, why not spruce up your garden with an outhouse or shed? Especially if you’ve just done landscaping, your ground will now be perfect for building on. 


Maybe you already have a garage, but it’s filled to the brim with storage and there is no room for your car. Or maybe you just want an extra place to have gatherings, host guests, or sunbathe. You can get the epoxy garage floors for your needs.


If you’re confident with a hammer, most sheds and outhouses can be built DIY, and there are plenty of sources online with free guides for building plans. If you’re feeling unsure, opt for buying a shed from a home store where most of the work is already done for you. 



Whatever home improvement you chose this summer, whether it’s windows and doors, roofing, or decking, make the most of the weather; and most importantly, enjoy the feeling of an upgraded home.


Before you get started, you might need to research the local contractors you need. Simply search on google, and compare the service providers with good SEO rankings. Or you can simply ask for referrals from your friends. Let’s get started today!


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