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Trusting the Journey {+ Finding You Fandango Giveaway}

Graduation season is upon us, and as I see the social media posts highlighting those last few weeks of childhood, I cannot help but reflect back on that time in my own life.

Where did you think you would be on your life's journey as you stepped into adulthood?

If I'm being honest, I cannot say that I really had the slightest clue what I expected my life would be like in 15 years... but I certainly would not have predicted all the twists and turns that would come my way. 

I would not have imagined that less than a year out of high school I would be married and starting my family across the country from the only home I had ever known.

I would not have imagined that while many my age were partying, I would be navigating the ins and outs of raising a special needs child. 

I would not have imagined living a military lifestyle that had me once again moving back across the country. 

I would not have imagined the places I would travel or the experiences I would get to enjoy... so far different from my country upbringing. 

I would not have imagined the loss and heartache, nor the joys that I would experience along the journey. 

Try as we may, we can never truly imagine what our journey will hold. Even now at 33 years old, I still cannot begin to imagine what our continued journey might bring. Over the last 15 years, our journey has been full of ups and downs... the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What I have learned along the way is that while I may not always know what is going to happen next, I have to trust and know that what God has planned is always going to be so much better than I could have imagined. Yes, even those rough spots have always brought along something good, something better. 

Whether you are just starting your journey or like me are finding yourself in a rough patch, I encourage us all to remember to learn to trust that journey...and to trust our God who is with us every step of the way.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.- Jeremiah 29:11

A few months ago, I shared an upcoming movie that played a small part in my own journey---a movie based on the book that my sweet daughter was named after. I am happy to announce that this movie- FINDING YOU- is coming to theaters this Friday, May 14!

 FINDING YOU is an inspirational romantic dramedy full of heart and humor about finding the strength to be true to oneself.

After an ill-fated audition at a prestigious New York music conservatory, violinist Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) travels to an Irish coastal village to begin her semester studying abroad. At the B&B run by her host family she encounters the gregarious and persistent heartthrob movie star Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre), who is there to film another installment of his medieval fantasy-adventure franchise. As romance sparks between the unlikely pair, Beckett ignites a journey of discovery for Finley that transforms her heart, her music, and her outlook on life. In turn, Finley emboldens Beckett to reach beyond his teen-idol image and pursue his true passion. But when forces surrounding Beckett’s stardom threaten to crush their dreams, Finley must decide what she is willing to risk for love.

To learn more about FINDING YOU and find tickets visit www.findingyouthemovie.com

Check out the FINDING YOU trailer below! 

In celebration of the release, one very lucky reader is going to win a $25 Fandango Gift Card! Enter using the giveaway form below.


  1. Sounds like an inspiring and entertaining film. I love that it’s set in Ireland. Such a beautiful country!


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