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The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion: Bring Your Child IN THE BOOK

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No matter the event: Christmas, Easter, birthdays or any random Tuesday, books are a gifting staple in my household. I mean sure, toys are fun... but books can take us on grand adventures! What could be better than that? 

While my kids enjoy books in general, when I'm looking for something EXTRA special... I love finding books that truly to bring them into the book.

No one does that quite literally than In The Book.

So, what is In the Book?

At In The Book, we believe in the power of reading. The power that helps develop, educate, instil confidence, and most importantly, create a lasting bond between parent and child.

We put magic into the story by writing your child into the adventure as it unfolds. Seeing their name woven into the story, the illustrations, and of course, on the cover, kindles their natural curiosity and helps children to relate to the book, and ultimately grow as a reader and an individual.

Kids love anything that is all about them... I mean who among us didn't search for personalized license plates for our bikes as children? These personalized storybooks take that personalization even further by truly putting the kids into the story! My daughter loves Frozen 2, so reading an adventure with her favorite characters and seeing herself inside? Nothing could be better! While my children enjoy reading anyway, these personal stories like this are ALWAYS a favorite, and I cannot help but think they could be a great tool for encouraging a love of reading in kids who might not otherwise have an interest. In the Book does a great job or creating fantastic storybooks that kids will love finding themselves inside.


While there are other similar brands that likewise allow for book personalization, I personally love the wide variety of stories, themes and characters that In The Book has to offer. And it's super easy to do. Just choose your book, put in your child's name and add a custom message if desired. 

Not only does In The Book offer unique stories featuring your kiddo, they also offer classics that can be personalized to your child. The story doesn't change--- it's the same story it's always been, but with a special dedication to your child. 

My 13-year-old has been Thomas obsessed since he was 2-years-old. When I saw the Railway series books offered by In The Book, I could not think of anything better for this kid who otherwise already seemed to have everything Thomas. It truly was a one of a kind gift and one that he will treasure for years to come. 

Whether it's an adventure where they can see themselves in the story or a personalized classic for a super fan, these truly are a fantastic gift idea perfect for ANY occasion. 

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