Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The best things you can do in Miami


Miami is a thriving art scene, an ever-changing gastronomic landscape. Of course, the beaches of the beach, the bay, and the hotel combine to make it an irresistible destination for all ages. In today's article, you will find the latest travel attractions to add to your list. Let's start:


Beach and beyond

Miami Beach is the most famous part of the Florida coastline and some of the best hotels and nightlife in the city. For quieter nights, check out the growing number of options on Mid-Beach (between 23rd-46th streets). You will find better deals in other neighborhoods, such as Coral Gables and downtown Miami. The latter is an excellent choice if you plan to spend a lot of time in nearby communities like Wynwood and The Design District.


Products and galleries

Art lovers can not miss the manufactured island of Brickell. Art Basel Miami Beach brings the art world to Miami every December, but the city has many works of art all year round. Many of them take the form of public art at shopping hubs such as The Design District, the free Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, and the recently renovated Mall Aventura. For street art, head to Wynwood, where the colorful murals are shared in an art gallery, relaxed bars, restaurants, and boutiques such as Warby Parker and Plant the Future's local floral art site.


Downtown, Brickell City Center houses a collection of polishing boutiques, many of Europe's lesser-known brands, and the new Frost Science Museum keeps kids busy with interactive exhibitions, and a planetarium open every day of the year. The Perez Museum of Art (PAMM) hosts excellent exhibits and a permanent collection of the Caribbean and Latin American art. Admission is accessible on the first Thursday and the second Saturday of each month.


Restaurants and dining rooms

The market of St. Roch is the place where you can do your research for the best food in town. Miami is a big food city, with new restaurants, bars, and casual restaurants open every week. La Centrale, in Brickell City Center, meanwhile, focuses directly on all Italian dishes.


Other new restaurants that embody Miami cuisine include Chotto Matte in South Beach and Amara at Paraiso, which focuses on Latin cuisine and its delicacies. Also, the warm atmosphere of Miami means it is always the right time for ice cream. MaLab Creamery is the place to go for some refreshing flavors.


Water bound

No trip to Miami is complete without going through its coastal parts. Miami is a great place to enjoy your adventurous side and try kite-surfing, paragliding, or jet skiing. The beach is a prominent attraction in South Point, or for quieter scenes, you can move in the middle of the beach, where the scenery is much more peaceful. Indeed, the hotel pools are often destinations for themselves.


Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are fun ways to explore the shores of Miami. Moreover, an Island Cruises boat tour of Stiltsville is a fabulous collection of old wooden stilts in the ocean, allowing you to take some stunning photos and enjoy the sea breeze.


Finally, it should be mentioned that next to Miami is Orlando, where the famous Disneyland is located, if you are interested in visiting it with your family. In general, using a car for your transportation would make it easier for you to see the fairly interesting areas around Miami, such as the Kennedy Space Center. An ideal choice for you is to rent a car to move comfortably with the rest of your family.


Choose a family car for your needs and solve all your transportation problems, trusting the company Enjoy Travel, which has a car rental branch in the city of Miami. Move safely and comfortably to one of the friendliest and definitely most touristy towns in all of America.


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