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Inspire Your Creativity with Emily Lex Watercolors Classes {A Review + May Flowers Giveaway} #EmilyLex #Watercolors #WatercolorClass #MayFlowers #favoritethings #emilylexstudio

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What is a skill that you would like to learn and/or improve upon?

We all have certain skills that we wish we could improve in ourselves, and for quite some time, one of mine has been painting with watercolors. Though I enjoy getting crafty, I have always admitted that my art skills are rather limited. While I'm always happy to improve all of those artsy skills--- watercolor in particular has always been the most fascinating to me. I just love the softness of watercolor... there is beauty in its simplicity. But try as I might, it was just never a skill I had mastered...

So when I was offered the opportunity to experience an Emily Lex Watercolor Package and Class, I jumped at the chance. 

Who is Emily Lex?

Emily Lex is previously known as the woman behind Jones Design Company. She is a super talented artist... I love how she put it on her website:

Being an artist is about making art, yes, but also more.

It is about seeing.

It’s slowing down, paying attention, taking a breath, and noticing.

It’s using our gifts and talents and passions to love and serve, each of us in our own creative way.

For me, it’s delighting in the little things, then capturing them through scratchy pencil sketches and pretty watercolor puddles or stringing together thoughtful words as an encouragement to others.

I love being an artist.

Beauty matters. It brings peace and joy to our souls and reminds us that we are loved and God is good.

May you find delight and encouragement here.

Beyond being an artist and offering her own beautiful art prints, she also offers classes and workbooks to help the rest of us learn watercolor skills as well. 

First, let's talk about the workbooks. These are fantastic. Each book contains a variety of sample pictures to learn to paint. You are given the colors used and step by step instructions, with a pre-drawn sketch to get you going. There is also some space within the workbook to work it on your own too. These pre-sketched pages are absolutely fantastic for those of us who aren't natural artists too. 

Still, sometimes we need a little more help than what written instructions can give. This is where the classes come in. These are video classes in a variety of topics starting with even the most basic for us beginners. While I have not yet watched all of them, I have found those that I have watched so far to be easy to follow and quite helpful... I know I will watch time and time again as I definitely will learn better by watching. 

I cannot say that my watercolor skills are suddenly amazing-- if I'm being honest, I haven't had nearly as much time to put into practice what I've learned. Still, I know that given time and practice these courses are going to make such a big difference for me. My daughter can even join in the fun with the kids classes as well (I must admit, I watched a few of the kids classes and enjoyed them myself too). 

Creativity can be such a wonderful way to relax and take care of ourselves, and these classes and workbooks are such a way to encourage that. I love them, and look forward to learning more and more as I continue my way through the courses. 

You can learn more about Emily Lex, her classes and all that she has to offer on her website:

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