Thursday, May 20, 2021

Best Places to Visit in London


Whether it’s your first time or your fifth to the United Kingdom, no trip is complete without a visit to London. This vibrant capital is teeming with life and is full of things to do. You could catch a show in the West End, get a bird’s eye view of the capital from the London Eye, or simply while away the hours people-watching from a local cafe. Here are a few of the best places to visit in London.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden attracts visitors and locals alike due to the wide array of shops, plentiful places to eat and drink, and the fact that it is central to London’s West End. This charming area has an interesting past and was originally called Convent Garden as it was a vegetable garden used by the monks of Westminster Abbey in the early 1500s. Today’s Covent Garden consists of a bustling piazza designed by Charles Fowler in 1830. Visit in the afternoon, and you will be treated to the sound of local musicians. If you’re lucky, you will find talented opera singers filling the piazza with their songs. In the evening, grab a drink at a local bar and then head over to one of the theaters to catch a show.

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is home to London’s financial center. Here, you can find the awe-inspiring Gherkin skyscraper within walking distance to a collection of atmospheric markets. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out on the Old Spitalfields Market. It is a Victorian-era market with a huge selection of historic stalls to browse through. The Arcade is another worthy shopping spot, and you can find it hidden away behind Liverpool Street station. At the Arcade, you can find anything from decadent chocolatiers to local barbers where you can get an afternoon haircut. Once you have finished exploring the area, visit a Liverpool Street cafe for a delicious bite to eat and drink before moving on to your next destination.

King’s Cross

For Harry Potter fans, no visit to London is complete without visiting King’s Cross station. This iconic train station is home to the famous platform 9 ¾, and it attracts fans from all over the world. Although it isn’t actually a working platform (in the muggle world, anyway), you can find a platform 9¾ sign that is perfect for a photo opportunity. You can even visit The Harry Potter Shop to purchase memorabilia such as a set of Hogwarts school robes or simply a keyring to commemorate your visit. Besides all things Harry Potter, King’s Cross is also home to the Wellcome Collection, a free museum and library, and it is just a 20-minute stroll away from Camden Town.

Camden Town

When it comes to London, Camden is a bucket list destination for most people — and for good reason too. This diverse borough is famous for its market which is full of quirky curiosities and tonnes of small shops where you can pick up a unique souvenir to take home. Culture vultures will enjoy a visit to the Jewish Museum which is full of interesting information about British Jewish history.


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