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5 things to do in Rhode Island this summer

 We see tons of tourists who move to Rhode Island each summer and I always get a ton of questions about the best places to eat, fun places to visit, and things to do in Rhode Island, so before the summer swarm hits us (it should soon, since schools just got out), I wanted to go ahead and address all of the things to do in Rhode Island this summer! If you are moving to this area, or if you are visiting on a trip, read along! Here are the best things to do in Rhode Island for the summer months + a few tips for your move to Rhode Island:

Hire a moving company

First of all, if you are moving to Rhode Island for the summer (or for a long-term stay), just hire a moving company like Fresh Start - The Moving Crew - Warwick. They are residential movers and they also do commercial moving in Warwick RI, too, so they can take that off your plate. So many people move here for the summer months, but those months do fly by, so make the most out of them and take moving off your plate! Fresh Start can move you anywhere in New England!

Get to know the area before your stay

Next - get to know the area before you stay! Once again, if you are only coming for the summer, you have limited time here. Do your research and make a list beforehand so that you are able to make the most of your time.

Pack plenty of sunscreen

Most of you are probably here for the beach...and I don’t blame you! It is beautiful and so peaceful + fun for the kids! Come with plenty of sunscreen, but please make it reef friendly, if possible! 

Now, let’s talk about some of the things that should be on your list:

Bird watching at the Audubon Society

Stop by the Audubon Society Environmental Education Center and see the habitat displays and interactive exhibits, where you can learn about the local birds and wildlife. Then, grab your boots, trail guide, and binoculars and explore the 9,500 acres of wood and coastal landscapes that a plethora of local, migrating, and rare birds call home.

Visit our world famous mansions

Take a tour of the beautiful turn of the century architecture and décor of Rosecliff Mansion. Here, you'll step into Newport history as you explore one of the most grandiose mansions in the state and the expansive grounds, which have been featured in numerous films and documentaries. The gilded age of architecture in Newport is at your fingertips! For further history in Newport, head to Thames Street as well, and if you’re intrigued by the architecture of the area, visit other Newport Mansions such as the Marble House, the Hunter House, and the Breakers.

Hit the beach

Of course, you are probably here for the beach. The good news? There is so much to do and see while you are at the beach and the shoreline stretches for miles and miles and miles. 

Newport Cliffs

This world famous path along the eastern shore of Newport is a great way to experience the grand architecture and natural beauty of the seaside city. The cliff walk is the first National Recreational Trail in New England and is around 3.5 miles in length. The walk requires a certain degree of physical fitness but is well worth the effort. Many of the grand mansions are visible from the walk although to do them justice, you should certainly attend a guided tour of their interiors.

Don’t miss Ocean Drive

The Ocean Drive, also known as the Ten Mile Drive by locals, navigates the south coast of Aquidneck Island. As well as some stunning views, the road offers vantage of a number of points of interest including King Park, New York Yacht Club and the US Coast Guard station. There are also some great spots along the route for sunbathing and swimming in isolation.


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