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5 Important Things to Consider Before You Move to a New City or Town

The prospect of moving to a new city or town is both exciting and scary. It often involves a change of environment, and in some cases, your lifestyle. From living costs to job opportunities and the dread of separating from friends and family, there is a lot you have to consider before you relocate. Personal preferences in home modeling and access to healthcare services can also be part of what you wouldn't want to get wrong. Here are five factors you need to consider before you decide to move to a new city or town.


Whatever your pay grade, the cost of living is something you have to put a lot of thought into if you want to be in charge of your own expenditures. The kind of home you need depends on your family size. According to Alliance for Downtown New York (2017), the average cost of condos in Manhattan was about $1.9 million in 2017. Whilst that could be affordable for a high-earning couple with kids, for someone single it's probably too expensive. Taxes and gas prices are part of living costs you will have to consider in figuring out possible living costs.

Proximity to Family and Friends

Balancing the highs of meeting new people with the lows of parting with longtime friends and family can be difficult. Before choosing where to relocate, consider the ease of reuniting with your loved ones and place it on your priority list. Usually, if you have friends and family members that are also business associates, moving to a nearby town or city might be your best option. Overall, the location of your destination can be affected by whether you have people you're not living with but who may require your care. It's also affected by your ability to manage living far from your parents or siblings.

Home Remodeling Costs

If you are moving with your family, home design preferences should be considered for a home you will have to live in for a long time. From kitchen designs to bedroom layout, to wall color and floor finish, the costs can be high depending on your preferences. It is reported that approximately 35% of remodeling jobs are carried out throughout the entire home. Before making the move, you should know if the kind of home you're going to be living in is modeled to your liking, or at least doesn't require renovations that will make you spend beyond your comfort.

Career Opportunities

If you aren't moving because of work deployment, perhaps you should consider if your destination has the best job concentration in your line of work. For internet nomads, any city or town may just be as good provided you'll have a good internet connection and a functioning laptop. But if you are an investment banker, for instance, large cities like Boston or New York may be your ideal next home. If employment is your biggest source of income, whatever city you decide to live in, employment opportunities should be your biggest concern.

Availability of Medical Resources

Not everyone thinks about healthcare services when considering relocation, but if you are concerned about accessibility to healthcare or have particular health needs, this is an important factor to consider. The rising costs of health treatment services in the U.S. are startling. That is why you need to consider access to medical equipment to avoid having to pay more for medical treatment. For someone with foot problems, checking for the availability of orthotics could be necessary for them to figure out if they would be able to sustain their mobility in their new city or town. This is because physical therapy has the capacity to reduce treatment costs by roughly 72%.

It doesn't matter your salary, career path, or family size - your ability to comfortably sustain your living is something you cannot overlook when considering relocation.


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