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3 careers working with children


Who doesn’t love children?

Funny, inquisitive, shameless and affectionate, they bring so much joy, laughter and love to our lives.

And whether you’re a parent, someone who hopes to be in the future or simply someone who loves to be around children, working with them can be deeply rewarding. The opportunity to bond with a child at a young age is a valuable one, and can be influential in helping them through those early developmental life stages.

If you dream of working with children but haven’t quite figured out your calling, take a look at these three child-focused careers.

1. Teaching

This is perhaps the most obvious path for anyone looking to work with children and young people.

If you’re interested in early years education, an Early Childhood Studies BA from ARU Distance Learning is a flexible way to study and kickstart your teaching career with youngsters, whilst high school and college education will see young adults through those difficult teenage years.

A career in teaching may also give you the opportunity to work with SEN students. This term encompasses a range of needs and abilities, and though potentially challenging, it can also be intensely rewarding for the right candidate as you help the most vulnerable students excel in the classroom.

2. Childcare worker

Childcare workers generally provide care for very young children – those not yet old enough for education – supporting them in the earliest stages of their life.

This is fairly secure work, as there is always a demand, but it can be unpredictable too – in the best way. You’ll face new challenges every day keeping them entertained and well cared for.

Plus, you’ll benefit from the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a huge difference not just to every child you work with, but their families too, supporting them with their busy lifestyles whatever their childcare needs.  

3. Child mental health

Sadly, children are as likely as any of us to struggle with their mental health, and while this career path can be a difficult one, it also gives you an opportunity to greatly improve a child’s wellbeing and support them through difficult times in their lives.

And child mental health care has many paths – as well as traditional counselling and talk therapies, art and play therapy are also on the rise, with effective track records in alleviating stress, depression and anxiety in children.

Often, when children experience difficult emotions, they are hard to process because their young minds may not yet have the vocabulary to express what they’re feeling. An adult working in child mental health can give them the tools to process these emotions in the present and equip them with skills for life when dealing with difficult feelings or circumstances.

These are just three life-changing career paths involving children where you could make a difference.

Do you work with children? Tell us about your career in the comments below!


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