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What to do in London in April


London is a destination you must experience at least once in your life, full of iconic attractions and European charms. Whether you have booked tickets for a mini-break or have been booking your holiday in the European metropolis for a long time, the following mini-guide will help you get in the way of chaos, with some of the most must-have activities you should not miss if you find yourself in April in the British capital. Arm yourself with comfortable shoes for walking and a positive mood, and an Oyster card for your subway trips, and get ready to live a unique travel experience.


Visit Notting Hill

The famous aristocratic district with its colourful houses and unique atmosphere is not only worth your visit but will be indelibly etched in your mind! Take the tube to Notting Hill Gate station and start the tour, culminating in the famous Portobello Road that houses many small shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, porcelain, hats, and English football team items and engravings at moderately fair prices. There you will have the opportunity to buy gifts for your loved ones, while the best thing to do is to have a coffee in hand and walk in the romantic alleys with the uniquely decorated red, yellow, blue and green houses.


Greenwich Cruise

If you have several days at your disposal, do not miss the opportunity to cruise on the River Thames to the famous Greenwich. Westminster's waterfront near Big Ben is home to most cruise ships, with several companies offering affordable discount deals.


During the cruise, you will be able to enjoy up close the London Bridges, the London Eye and the Parliament, the City, Westminster, the Canary Wharf, listening to the tour through loudspeakers. After 45 minutes you will reach Greenwich, which attracts essential sights such as the Cutty Sark, the famous Observatory and the Maritime Museum, which is ideal for visiting your children. On the way back you can use the DLR which will take you quickly to central London and the Bank tube station.




Bicycle in the Park

The United Kingdom's capital has large parks for walking and recreation, so you should not miss the opportunity for a beautiful walk. If you are in the Westminster area, after your walk to Parliament, Abbey, Churchill War Houses and Buckingham Palace, you can also visit the neighbouring Saint James Park.


This park is one of the most famous in the city, full of beautiful flowers and shrubs, while it is inhabited by many ducks, geese and swans that live in its lake and adorable squirrels. The occasion requires either renting a bicycle for an even more enjoyable walk or enjoying nature accompanied by coffee or ice cream, ideal for the April season in London.


A visit to Camden

Just north of Kings Cross Central Station is the famous Camden, an area reminiscent of Notting Hill but with a more rock atmosphere. Next to the river dominates the Camden Lock Market, a labyrinthine underground market with small shops selling all kinds of antiques, from vintage toys up to porcelain souvenirs with Princess Diana, while here you will also find all kinds of accessories of London's football clubs. Moreover, you will find there a fantastic venue for mini-golf games by the company of Plonk Golf, which offers you a very modern and youthful facility to spend your time happily and pleasantly, accompanied by a cocktail or a beer with your friends.


Also, keep in mind that outside the market there is an open-air food market with canteens and kiosks from all over the world and in addition to the classic cuisines (Italian, Chinese, Mexican) you can taste specialities from countries such as Tibet, Afghanistan, Peru and Poland. Finally, if you are a coffee addict, do not miss the opportunity to drink a traditional Mexican at Cafe Chula, located right on top of the river.


Walk to Southbank

The famous Southbank Walk is a fascinating tour along the River Thames that starts at the Lambert Bridge and ends at the Blakers Bridge. The scenery is beautiful and suitable for many photos as in your field of vision there are so many things to see. During your walk from the Parliament to Big Ben, the London Eye, the Royal National Theater, the Royal Festival Hall, the London Aquarium in County Hall in harmonious combination with the river, cruise ships and seagulls, while in the background you'll have the modern skyscrapers of the City. The City of London has many benches along the way, and of course, there are plenty of shops offering coffee, breakfast and full meals. Ideally, this walk can be combined with your visit to the London Eye.


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