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How To Build A Spiritual Environment At Home For Your Kids


It is said that “every child is god’s child,” so when God loves his kids then, why not make them understand the real meaning of spirituality and how it helps in the upbringing of kids. Do you know the fact that kids who are engaged in spirituality are more likely to have strong mental health? Well, they are.


Spirituality has a straight relationship with the higher power, a universal presence, and with nature. As with physical wellness, you get recovered from anxiety and depression. Similarly, spirituality awareness produces the power of meditation that automatically enhances mental health and grows positivity.


It is hard to drag your child to church and make them forcefully understand religion and spirituality. But, when you induce an environment at home that offers spirituality then, the child tends to learn about it, not forcefully. Now comes the question of how you can build an atmosphere that will spread spirituality at your home.


Bring It In Yourself First


Unless and until you don't believe in spirituality, you will not be able to teach your kids the same thing. For busy moms, it becomes very tough to take out the time for God, but that’s what you need to work on; otherwise, your kids will not be able to learn the value of it. As they say that everyone has time but how you prioritize your routine is what matters the most. You need to prioritize God, but that doesn’t mean you need to devote an hour in the morning. Otherwise, you are not a spiritual person. Finding God in little things is what we mean, so when you are getting ready for work, play sermons and let your family members listen to them. This way, an atmosphere will be created, and it will become a routine at your home without worrying about the business.



Read Jesus Story Books And Bible


Now that is a brilliant option to create a spiritual environment at home. Start reading Jesus’ storybooks to your kids and let them know more about the supreme power. You will never want your child to hear the Word of God only at Sunday church. Whereas try to share the stories about spirituality in your daily conversation through examples so that your child won't find it forceful and will start believing in God. Another positive point of sharing the stories in your discussion is that they will easily relate to every situation with God. Yes! We know it’s not easy but, the more you do it, the easier it will get.


Make Them Learn About Community Church


It’s not easy to make your child believe in God unless and until he/she knows about the community he/she is a part of. It’s a fact that religion and spirituality go together, so make your kid learn about your religion when you begin to fill your home with a spiritual atmosphere. Tell them that when you worship together, you win any situation together. Now that’s the ultimate thought that your kids need to be aware of. When they will have knowledge about the community church, how the church members worship together, help each other to know more about God, and stand for each other in every situation, they will get more inclined towards God’s power and being together. Similarly, start worshipping together at home as well, so that your child gets the same feel even at church and at home.


Avoid Being In The Prayer Closet All The Time


Now you must be thinking, what’s this? Well, being a prayer closet is that you pray in your convenient time when there is nobody around you, and you do that in the corner of the home alone. Well, this method won’t help you to spread the same vibe at your home. It’s better you read the original Bible in front of them daily and avoid using the App. This way, they will see you reading it daily and will learn this routine. Hence, you don’t have to do the hard work of forcing them to read the Bible, and they will do it by themselves. And you will feel so proud and happy to see your child reading the Bible every day. This atmosphere encourages the power of calmness, tranquillity, and serenity.


Listen To Worship Music


Spirituality and worship do make you closer to God, but that’s not it. When you need a calm atmosphere at home and need a break from all the unwanted noises, it’s always a good thing to turn on worship music. Now, what’s this? They are biblical songs containing elements of praise. Every child is meant to annoy their parents, make noises when they wake up, and start playing around the house. Now playing is an essential part of a child's life. It enhances their physical and mental energy, but making unnecessary noises, shouting without any reason, getting hyper, and not having that calm is definitely not the right thing. Hence, when you play worship music, it not only calms you but your teens as well. It can help in controlling the mood swings that are very common in teens. And will spread a feeling of spirituality at your home. So, when you are looking to make your kids believe in God, understand the value of spirituality, and find that inner peace, listening to praise music can help a lot.


Final Words

Everything that you want your child to learn, you need to start it from your home. Therefore, build an environment of spirituality at home when you wish your kids to know about God and believe in him. As per plenty of research, the kids who are inclined towards spirituality tend to have good mental health and hardly face issues like depression, anxiety, or anger. So, make sure you follow the ways mentioned above to build an environment that helps you teach your child about the supreme power and increase the faith in him. In the end, we would like to say that “ The journey of spirituality is the acceptance of love.




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