Thursday, April 8, 2021

Getting To Know Your New Home: 5 Tips To Consider

How well do you REALLY know your home?

As a military family, we know a little something about moving to a new town. We've got the moving process itself down fairly solid--- downsize in advance, pack by room starting with items that won't be needed before the move, and search for moving companies near me. Sounds simple enough, right?

Still, getting to know your new home is a little more complex than just getting there to start with. Today I'm sharing some tips on how to better get to know your new home. Whether you've moved in yesterday or have been settling in for a few years, you might just find these tips can help you get a better overall understanding of the community in which you live. 

Ask Questions About Your House.

If you are buying a home, you will likely have an inspection and get a lot of information about the current state of your house that way. This is great, but it might not give you the whole picture so don't be afraid to ask even more questions. This goes for renters too. Ask about typical utility costs. Ask about trash day. Ask about school districts. Ask about known issues in the neighborhood. Ask about water damage and mold issues - this is a particularly important factor to consider, as it will let you know whether you'll need to contact a Mold Damage remediation company before moving in. The more you know about your house, the better. 

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors.

Getting to know your neighbors might seem a little foreign to some of us depending on the area in which you live... but it can make a big difference in feeling at home. Not only that, but your neighbors can be a great resource in knowing the ins and outs of the community in which you live... whether it's the best time to go grocery shopping to avoid crowds or how many trick or treaters to expect on Halloween. I have found that when you have neighbors that have been living in the area for a long time, they can also help answer those unanswered questions about your house and it's history as well... and can be a little more forthcoming than those trying to make money from it's sale or rental! 

Get Involved in the Community.

Whether it's joining the PTA at your child's school or joining a group at the local church, there is nothing that can help you feel at home in the community faster than getting involved in it. Not only can this be great for feelings of isolation, it is these groups of locals that can provide the must have information about the larger area where you are living--- what events cannot be missed? who is the best pediatrician in the area?  

Find Services Specific To Your Needs. 

While those around you might be a valuable resource in regards to more common needs, there are some needs that are going to be much more specific to you. While asking around is still a great idea, you might need to do a little more research for these specific needs such as: is there a vet that specializes in birds? who offers gluten free delivery? Ask around first, but Google is always a great resource too. 

Get the Big Picture---Literally!

While all of these tips can help you to get the big picture of your house and community figuratively... why not get the literal big picture as well? Aerial photography using a device like the mavic can allow you to view your property from a different perspective and has the potential to be rather illuminating (especially if you have a larger property that might be harder to explore on foot). Aside from that, this can prove to be a really fantastic keepsake in the years to come too. 

What tips and tricks do you have for getting to know---and getting the most out of--- your new home?


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