Monday, April 19, 2021

5 Things Every Bride Must Do In The Wedding Week


As your wedding day approaches, it is normal to have cold feet. You will check the to-do lists again and again but feel something is still missing. There could be last-minute fails, like your wedding dress not fitting well enough or some guests missing from the final guest list. The wedding week can be the most overwhelming time of your life, but you can take a systematic approach to make it less stressful. Here is a list of things every bride must do in the final week before the wedding to ensure that things are on track.

Test drive the bridal look

You will want to save the best for the big day. But the worst mistake you can make is skipping the test drive with your bridal look. Try on the full ensemble, right from the jewelry to shoes and lingerie to ensure that it is perfect. Don’t skip the bridal styling because most stylists will give you a look test if you ask for one. Practice the walk, and you will feel more confident on the wedding day.

Check your checklist

You will probably have a checklist of things to do as a part of the preparations. Although you may have followed it closely, there are chances of missing out on tasks. You cannot afford to get stuck with last-minute hassles, so go through the checklist once when there are still a few days to go. You will be able to handle the tasks and avoid unexpected emergencies.

Pack your bags

Most couples have honeymoon plans right after the wedding, and there is a shortage of time. It makes sense to pack your bags before the wedding so that you don’t have to scamper around on the day you have to leave. Pack everything you need, from your makeup to sunscreen, bridal lingerie collection, and clothing appropriate to the destination. You will be a lot more relaxed about your honeymoon logistics once your bags are packed.

Meet your wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner makes life easy for brides and grooms. But you have to be in close touch with the professional to ensure that they are doing everything right. It is a good idea to have a final meeting in the last week before the wedding and run over the arrangements once. Check vital facts like the final headcount, menu, decor, seating arrangement, cake, and wine and fill the missing gaps, if any.

Have your emergency kit in place

Brides often struggle with last-minute malfunctions and emergencies. You could have a bad hair day, or the dress may go wrong. An unexpected period, a hangover, or a shoe bite could ruin the big day. But an emergency kit can come to your rescue, so be sure to have one ready as a part of the final-week preparations. Include things like a nail file, hair spray, extra makeup, a small sewing kit, painkillers, and tampons.

Following this last-week preparation list will help you step into the big day with ease and confidence. It can make all the difference because a comfortable and confident bride is also a happy and beautiful one.


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