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5 Points to Consider Before You Pay for Home Repairs


When one of your belongings in the house gets broken, it is usually a glass that your child has smashed or a plate that has broken in two. However, when it comes to repairs on major household appliances and systems, it can often leave a hole in your wallet.

So, before you rush into forking out your hard-earned cash on home repairs, there are five points to be considered first.

The Severity of the Damage

What is damaged or broken, and how bad is the damage? If there seems to be a problem with your plumbing system or there is a leak coming from your roof, you need to hire a professional to look at the issue as quickly as possible. However, if there is a small hole in the wall that is not causing any harm other than the unappealing aesthetic, it would be advisable that you leave it alone, or simply cover it with a painting or a photo frame.

The Cause of the Damage

What has caused the damage? It is important that you identify and understand what has caused the damage within your household so that it can be prevented in the future. If your window has broken from accidental damage, it will be urgent that you get a new window fitted immediately so that you and your children are protected from the weather and any intruders.

Can You Fix It Yourself?

General wear and tear are expected in any household, particularly if you have lived there for a number of years and have young children that seem to love drawing across their bedroom walls, instead of using paper. Often, there is nothing a tub of paint cannot fix or touch up, whether that’s chipped paint or hand marks on the walls.

Some jobs cannot be fixed so easily, and may require you to put your hand into your pocket to pay a professional to come and carry out the repairs themselves, particularly if the damage is too technical for yourself or your partner to fix.

Check Your House Warranty

It may be worth considering whether the damage is covered under your home warranty plans. Issues with your heating and cooling systems may be covered under your home warranty plan, and you should look at the details of your  policy coverage before you pay for any expensive repairs or replacements.

Check Your Finances

Before you pay for any costly house repairs, it is important to first establish what you can afford. You and your partner, may agree to share the cost of the repairs or come up with an arrangement that best suits your circumstances.

If the repairs are not covered under your warranty or insurance plans, you should prepare yourself to pay out for any damage that needs fixing quickly. If you do not currently have sufficient finances to cover the costs, you may have to dip into your savings. As much as you may not be prepared to do this, remember that your house is still an investment and you need to maintain its standard, especially if you have plans to sell up and relocate at some point.


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