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The Ultimate Spring Checklist for Moms

 Spring can be a busy time of year for parents. Between work, your kids' schoolwork, your kids' sports schedules, and the changing weather, you may feel overwhelmed. Mothers, take a look at this spring checklist so you can remain organized and happy as the days get longer and the sunshine gets brighter.

Undergo a Spring Cleaning

First, you need to undergo a spring cleaning. This means you need to dig out your broom, mop, duster, and cleaning wipes. Get your whole family involved and divide up your house. Have each person in your family thoroughly clean their own bedroom as well as one or two other rooms in the home. This will be a good time to clean out appliances, too, such as your oven, stovetop, and microwave. Make sure the bathrooms are scrubbed down as well. You want your home to be sparkling clean at the beginning of the new season.

Get Organized

Alongside cleaning, get organized. Have everyone in your family go through their clothing and personal belongings and put everything no longer worn or needed in bags or totes. Host a small garage or yard sale or donate items and clothes in tip-top shape to rid of what your family doesn't need or want anymore. This will de-clutter your home.

Besides organizing your house, also organize your schedule. Is it time to schedule an annual car inspection or get your car fixed up for the spring season? The average consumer spends around $400 every year on diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, and tune-ups on their vehicle, so be sure to schedule ahead of time so you're sure to get an appointment with your trusted auto mechanic. Make dentist and doctor's appointments for you and your kids, too. It's good to get on top of these things because you don't want any appointments to be forgotten about or missed! Plus, it's good to make appointments ahead of time so you can plan for them accordingly, and writing all of them down on your calendar will feel pretty good, too.


After cleaning and organizing your house, you may feel like it's time to make some updates. Maybe you haven't decorated your master bedroom in years. Perhaps your bathrooms are drab and could use a makeover. Perhaps you'd like your bathrooms to have a contemporary design aesthetic, like 29.51% of bathrooms do. Maybe your kids have expressed an interest in repainting and decorating their bedrooms. Take this opportunity to have some fun and get creative.

Since the tastes of elementary, middle, and high school-aged kids tend to change pretty often, keeping their bedroom makeover projects low-cost is best. Good thing there are several cheap DIY projects you and your kids can do together. Embroidery projects, paintings, pictures in frames, and other DIY projects can serve as wall decorations in your kids' rooms. As for your bathrooms and master bedroom, invest a little more time and money. These rooms will likely remain the same for awhile, so pick neutral colors and beautiful decorations. Add cabinet or shelf space to your bathrooms if they don't have enough storage. Add elegant features to your master bedroom that you love.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Once you've completed some projects in your home, think about yourself. How can you improve yourself as you enter a new season? Perhaps it's time to pick up a new hobby. If you'd like to incorporate more exercise into your routine, consider practicing yoga in your living room or signing up for a class in your community. You can also hike in local parks or walk or jog around your neighborhood or town.

Perhaps you'd like to pick up a different hobby. Reading, photography, and drawing are a few that'll allow you to enter a new world. You can also try gardening, as spring is the perfect season to start a garden in your very own backyard! If you'd like to up your cooking or baking game, consider spending more time in the kitchen to try out new recipes and learn more cooking techniques.

Indulge in Self-Care

How often do you indulge in self-care? Every person has a different version of this in their head. Perhaps your version of self-care looks like a day spent at the spa. Perhaps it looks like a day hiking in the woods alone or with your dog. Maybe you'd like to try out a cool new cafe or restaurant in your community or nearest city. More restaurants and cafes have been opening small shops out of the 17 million shipping containers currently available in the world, making these new locations hot-spots for customers to grab a coffee or a meal and sit outside in the sunshine.

Self-care to you may even involve having a night to yourself to be alone, watching your favorite movie, doing your nails, and eating your favorite meal and snacks. To make self-care more of an everyday routine, consider journaling, reading mindfulness self-help books, and even hiring a therapist to talk to.

This spring checklist is for moms who don't quite dedicate enough time to themselves. Consider making some improvements around your home, but also take care of your own body and mind. This way, the spring season upon us will feel like a happier one.


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