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Pamper your Skin Following this Exemplary Skincare Regime


Great skin isn’t just a result of DNA but your daily habits. These have a significant impact on what you see in the looking glass. Now that people realize the importance of healthy and glowing skin- the need for consultations is increasing. Yes, depending on differential product reviews and doctor consultations, the dizzying opinions on everything seem to add to the confusion.


And, why not? It is never enough to have the right skincare products for perfect skin. But the beauty of real skin begins with skincare products being the most effective. And, the need to apply them in the correct order- your skincare regime to be precise. The routine will depend upon your skin type, the formulations and ingredients of your products, and the time of the day. The expert dermatologists recommend applying the chosen products in the order of their texture- from the thinnest to the thickest. They say so because the light products find it difficult to penetrate the thicker ones. Yet, the act of dressing your skin with radiance is personal- the dermatologists exclaim.


The Perfect Skincare Routine


Do you still struggle to quench the thirst of your skin? Well, how about keeping in mind some tips for a healthy skincare regimen to sort through the noise. Stick on to feel the change in your skin with an expert routine:


       Wash your face:


The first and most essential step towards a healthy skincare regime includes rinsing your face with water and rubbing a small amount of gentle cleanser between clean palms. All you’ve to do is massage the face wash all over the look by using gentle pressure. Rinse your hands well and rub your face bottom to top with water. Rinse it until you’ve removed all the grime and cleanse properly. Don’t use a scrub. Now gently pat your face with a soft towel.


The experts recommend cleansing your face twice if you wear makeup. Remove the makeup with micellar water or cleansing oil. You can leave the dedicated eye-makeup removers for some time so that the makeup comes off easily without having you try hard. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes.


       Know your Skin Type:


The right skincare routine starts with knowing the kind of skin you have and understanding how to care for it. Dry skin is scaly, rough, and flaky, while the oily skin is greasy, shiny, and may have big visible pores. A combination skin type is dry in some spots like cheeks, and has oil towards the forehead, chin, and nose. You can help your skin by observing the key areas and knowing your skin type. If your skin experiences itchiness, burning, and stings after makeup use, it has a sensitive skin type. Dermatologists remark that normal skin is the one that’s balanced, nonsensitive, and clear.


       Give it Time:


The science behind organic and ingredient-based skincare products has gone a long way. However, believe when the experts say that there is nothing like an instant fix. Professional dermatologists say that the results are visible after consistent use. Consumers must think of using a product for a minimum period of six weeks, once or twice each day, for feeling and noticing the flawless glow. If you want to experience the difference in your skin; apply the products in their consistency orders- from the thinnest to the thickest. For instance, use a cleanser, toner, serum, and a moisturizer in order. 


       Use a Toner:


Now that you have a well-cleaned face; pour a few drops of toner into a cotton pad or palms and swipe it onto your face. If you make use of an exfoliating toner, then use it only at night. With an exfoliator, you'll get rid of dead skin cells using some ingredients like glycolic acid. Use the hydrating formulas twice a day. However, the experts suggest not going in for multiple products simultaneously, like retinoids, toner, and other exfoliators.


       Moisturize your face:


Even oily skin needs a moisturizer, but use the one that's gel-based, lightweight, non-comedogenic, and doesn't block your skin pores. Selecting a moisturizer with utmost care holds paramount importance when you're suffering from skin problems. Some of the most common skin problems like acne, atopic dermatitis, and perioral dermatitis require being gentle with your skin and using a mild moisturizer. The award-winning Perioral dermatitis skin care products ensure nourishing the skin while protecting it from radical damages. Thus, always ensure going in for products with hyaluronic acids and powerful antioxidants so that your skin is hydrated and you experience supple and younger-looking skin.


       Apply Retinoid:


Retinoids are the Vitamin A derivatives that include retinol. These substances can reduce the dark spots, breakouts, and fine lines by increasing the cell turnover. But, if you have sensitive skin, their use can be irritating. The dermatologists recommend using retinoids only at night because they are known to break down in the sun. Thus, sunscreen is a must if your skin is extra-sensitive to the sun. You can also turn to face oil after using skincare products since no other substances will penetrate the skin oil.


       Treat with Serum:


One of the most potent skin allies is a serum. It contains concentrated doses of active ingredients. Also, elixirs' presence can cater to numerous issues, right from wrinkles to dark spots. A serum works wonders for everyone, even when someone doesn't have issues mentioned before. When used in the morning, this general antioxidant serum can protect the skin from routine aggressors. The ingredients have limitless options. The professional skin care experts recommend using some products listed below for catering to specific issues. These are:


       Hyaluronic acid: Using this product can seal your hydration and strengthen the barrier's functioning. Protecting the top layer helps in moisture retention.

       Vitamin C can help in brightening the dull skin while decreasing the dark spots. However, for better results, there should be a continuity in its usage.

       Retinol, peptides, and vitamin B3 stimulate elastin and collagen production and prevent fine skin lines and skin sagging.

       Colloidal sulfur helps calming irritation and redness caused by skin problems like perioral dermatitis by reducing inflammation levels. It also works with acne improvements- all thanks to the antimicrobial effects.


Skincare Regime to Start your Day with More Confidence


Enjoy a healthy skincare routine and let your skin be away from chemicals. And, why not? Nobody wants dry skin- oiling, tanning, itchiness, and acne. These tips are sure to help you have glowing skin and look more natural than before. Clean your skin from the depth and stay with natural skin following this skincare regime.


After all, it's all about tasting the right skin perfection!





Enjoy the summer without the hassles of itchiness, dry skin, oiliness, tanning, or acne by inculcating these tips into your summer skincare routine while traveling. It will ensure that you look as glowing and healthy summer skin as ever. Also, check out the monsoon skincare routine.











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