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How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower


Baby showers are fun. They are a time to give the expecting mother gifts for her new baby, and generally just an excellent chance to celebrate in the new life that will soon be in all of your lives. Family members of the mom-to-be or her close friends are traditionally the ones who are in charge of organizing the event, so if you’ve been tasked with putting together a great baby shower, use this guide to help.


When to Start Planning the Baby Shower


This should depend on the mom-to-be. It’s often a good idea for first-time parents to host the baby shower before the baby is born – usually around two months before the baby is due. This way, loved ones can help by buying gifts needed to put the nursery together.


Choosing Where to Host the Baby Shower

There are a few great choices in terms of where to
host the baby shower in question. This could be right at home. It could be your home or even the mom-to-be, depending on whether or not she’s comfortable with it. Hosting it at a private residence has many benefits. You can order in food from your favorite restaurants, can decorate it as you see fit, and of course, you customize the event to suit the mom-to-be.


You can also host the baby shower at a restaurant, at a party venue, or even outdoors. Consider what the weather will be like, as well as what the mom-to-be likes and prefers.


Choosing When to Host the Baby Shower


People lead busy lives, so it’s important to go into this with flexibility in mind. Work out specific dates and options with the mom-to-be. Try to get a few different dates that work for her. That way, you can take those dates to her friends and family to try to figure out which date works best for everyone.


Organizing the Baby Registry

There are many great baby gift ideas and
even naming day gifts to choose from, but no one wants to accidentally get the same thing as someone else. Gifts for the baby shower can range from cute and sentimental to essential, so make sure to set up a baby registry – even if it’s something as simple as a collaborative document where everyone can show the other guests what they plan on getting.


Plan the Party


You have the location, and you have the date, now it’s time to plan the party:


1.     Theme – You can go for a traditional or fun baby theme, or you can customize it to the mom-to-be.

2.    Send Out the Invitations – This can be done by mail if you are traditional or just a digital invitation.

3.    Get the Decorations – Decorations make everything fun and exciting. Go to a party store or shop online with plenty of time before the party to ensure everything gets there!

4.    Find Catering and Refreshment – Use the on-site options, order in food, or place an order at a restaurant/bakery in advance.


While you should always check in with the mom-to-be, remember that the best gift of all is to give her this great baby shower without the stress of planning. Do that, and you’ll give her something truly wonderful.




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