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Faith for Beginners: 5 Fascinating Facts about Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion with over 2.4 billion followers worldwide. Despite the recent decline, around 65% of American adults call themselves Christian.

As with the origins and practices of any religion, Christianity has some interesting facts when you start to look into it. Let’s take a closer. look at five facts about Christianity.

1. Christianity is One of Three Abrahamic Religions

One of the most misleading aspects of religion is that of 'separation.' Some people find it hard to believe, but when you trace the history of religion back, you find out a very interesting fact.

Christians share the same God as in Islam and Judaism. This essentially means that these religions come from the same spiritual source. There are several smaller religions such as Rastafari and Baha’i Faith.

Jesus is, in fact, is mentioned numerous times in the Quran. Muslims don’t believe that he is the son of God as Christians, but he is viewed as a holy prophet.

2. Why do Christians Get Baptized?

The reason Christians are baptized is to cleanse them of their original sin. The idea is that sin is handed down to all human beings since Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge.

By being baptized as a child or later in life, your soul is cleansed and you are free to live your life as a model Christian without the looming burden of original sin.

3. God Created the World in Seven Days

Despite what scientists might say about the Big Bang theory and evolution, Christians believe that God created the world in just one week.

On day one God created light, assumably so he could see what he was going. Then on day two, he made the atmosphere and firmament. Then on day three, he created dry ground and plants. On day four he created the sun, moon, and stars.

With these foundations for life now in place, God created sea animals and birds on the fifth day. Then on the sixth, he made land animals and humans. On the seventh day, he rested.

4. Christianity Teaches Us About Good and Evil

One of the leading themes of the Christian faith is the difference between good and evil. It is highlighted in the stark differences between heaven and hell. It is also further explained by the moral differences between God and Satan.

God is pure and offers us eternal peace with him in heaven if we follow the teachings of Christianity. Satan, on the other hand, will try to trick us into sin, which ultimately leads to eternal damnation in his fiery kingdom. Take a look at this article for the different ways Satan might try to coerce you.

5. The Bible is the World’s Bestseller

The bible has sold more copies than any other book in history. It’s estimated that the bible has sold over 5 billion copies.

The Quran is considered the next bestseller with around 800 million copies sold. That’s about 300 million more than the entire Harry Potter series!

More Facts About Christianity

The more you study Christianity the more you realize just how many cool facts about Christianity there are. If you’re interested in finding out more facts about Christianity then the best thing to do is start learning.

For more tips and tricks to help you along on your spiritual walk, check out the rest of our articles.



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