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An Introductory Guide to Herbal Medicine


With increasing numbers of people turning to herbal medicine and supplements, it is important to provide some guidelines. Some herbs such as garlic and rosemary have been used from time immemorial, and others such as cannabis and St John’s Wort have recently gained popularity. Here are a few tips to navigate the world of herbal supplements and medicines.

What are Herbal Medicines and Supplements?


Herbs are plants that have been selected and used for their scent, smell, taste, and perceived and proven health benefits over a long period of time. They are now numerous herbs and plant supplements that are commonly used. They come in many forms, and gone are the days where they looked and felt unprocessed; from teas and tinctures, they are now available in professionally made capsules, oils, and liquids. It can be a confusing aisle to be in; the choices are numerous and varied.

What to Take Them for?


The term ‘natural remedy’ has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent times, and for every ailment, there is now a natural cure or remedy. There are, however, those herbs that have been tested and proven over time to work well for their intended purpose. General examples include lavender for calming and to aid sleep, garlic as an antiseptic, and cloves for tooth pain.

Herbs have been known to treat diseases and maintain health, and in fact, most known prescription medicines are manufactured from a plant-based substance. The only difference is that these have been purified and registered by the FDA and patented.

How to Choose Supplements Safely?

  •  Be informed about the herbs that you are planning to take or use. If you have an ailment or condition that a specific herb is suggested as a remedy it is suggested to do as much reading from as many reliable sources as you can on the herb. For example, should you want more information on herbal CBD remedies look at herbalhealthcbd.co.uk, a reputable and known entity in this sector.
  • Never take more than the prescribed dosage on the bottle. Many people see the natural or herbal tag to mean that they can take as much of the product as they want or need, don’t. It is also advised to start slowly, give your body a chance to say how it feels about the new herbal medicine or supplement, start with a small dose and work your way up to the recommended dosage. 
  • Research the company you intend to buy from, look at reviews, use the internet to see what other people are saying about them and their products. Do they deliver on time, have they tested any of the products, and do they publish any of these results? Do their product labels provide details of ingredients? Do these checks to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

The key to note here is that not everything that is labeled as natural will be good for you; too much comfrey or nutmeg can cause serious health issues. You must also speak to your healthcare provider before embarking on any herbal supplement or medicine treatments.


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