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5 Great Wedding Gifts


Weddings are a lot of fun and it is always an honor to be asked to be part of someone’s special day. There is plenty of great food, dancing, beautiful décor, and the drinks are flowing, but no guest should turn up empty-handed! Finding the perfect wedding gift can be difficult, particularly if the couple has not registered somewhere, or has not been specific about what they would like. If you have got a wedding coming up but are panicking about what to get them, these 5 great gifts will always be appreciated.

1.   Dinnerware

Dinnerware is a very traditional wedding gift, but that does not mean it is boring or that it will not be a treasured gift. From purchasing fine china plates or coffee cup sets to crystal wine glasses and decanters, there are plenty of top-quality dinnerware products and brands you can choose from. Even a gorgeous set of sterling silver cutlery they can use on special occasions would be a lovely gift, like these sets you can purchase at Lincoln House.

2.   Personalized Photo Album

If you want to add a more personal touch to your gift, a photo album filled with pictures of the couple throughout their time together is a wonderful idea. It is a great way to show them how well you know them and how special they are to you. Being able to look back on their relationship and all the good times they have shared so far will be a heart-warming gift they will love. Alternatively, you could always leave the album blank so they can choose which photos to include, and have it personalized with ‘Mr and Mrs (insert same here)’ or some other phrase or title that will mean something to them.

3.   An Experience Day

Experience days are fantastic gifts for any occasion, so although they might not be the traditional kind of wedding gift they are certainly worth your consideration. Whether it is something the newlyweds can enjoy during their honeymoon or something that they can choose to do at some other point during their first year of marriage, it is a great way to offer them a date night/day so they can have some fun together. There are plenty of experiences to choose from as well, including dining experiences, weekend breaks, tours, etc., so finding something perfect for them should not be too difficult.

4.   Artwork

Homes always look much better when there are some framed pieces of artwork hanging on the walls. These prints can help to bring a room together and make them feel more welcoming, so investing in some great artwork the couple can hang in their home could be an ideal gift. If there is a particular artist they love or a certain style, get them one or two framed prints that they can put up at home.

5.   Projector

Last, but not least, why not get the bride and groom a projector? It might not be the most traditional wedding gift, but if for whatever reason they cannot get out for a date-night, they can transform their bedroom or living room into a cinema to snuggle up with each other at home while watching their favorite movies. This would be particularly great for couples who are movie buffs.

If you want to get your friends a wedding gift they will remember, consider the suggestions above for a fail-safe present!


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