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5 Effective Ways of Combatting Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Wrinkles happen to the best of us. While some of us like to grow old gracefully, others feel that wrinkles knock their confidence and affect the way they view themselves. If you fall into the latter category and aren’t happy with the way you look, here are some lifestyle changes and treatments you can consider which can combat wrinkles and fine lines.

Follow a Skincare Routine

Whether you’re already following a skincare routine, or you aren’t sure where to start, there are lots of skin creams and gels that claim to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Taking good care of your skin is important for many reasons: an effective skincare routine can reduce acne, keep your skin hydrated, and most importantly, treat wrinkles. If you lead a busy schedule, waking up a little earlier and factoring in 20 minutes to dedicate towards your skin will pay off.

Limit Sugar Intake

If you’re one of the many who enjoy gorging on sweet treats, you may not be aware of how much sugar you’re consuming every day. Too much sugar can be harmful to your skin, and can even put you at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If you have wrinkles that you want banishing, reducing your sugar intake can be a huge help. Eating a diet packed with sugar can speed up skin aging, so to slow things down, it’s time to cut back.

Stop Smoking

We all are aware of how bad smoking is for our health and wellbeing. There aren’t any positives associated with the habit, so if you’re a smoker and have noticed you’re looking older than you should, this isn’t a surprise. Smoking can age your face prematurely, meaning there is a heightened risk of getting wrinkles and fine lines at a much younger age. If you need any reason to stop smoking, doing so can help reduce the signs of wrinkles.

Change Sleep Position

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for your health and wellbeing. However, what you may not understand is that the position you sleep in could be having an impact on how many wrinkles you have. If you’re the type of sleeper whose face is pressed against the pillow, this compression over time can cause your skin to weaken, resulting in wrinkles. To stop this from happening, it’s advised to sleep on your back.

Consider Botox

If you’ve tried any of the above to no avail, it may be time to look into treatments that can reduce and even get rid of wrinkles for good. This beauty clinic in Bromley offers Botox, for example, which can relax wrinkles. Unfortunately, the effects of Botox only last for a number of months, so if you’re serious about saying goodbye to wrinkles, you will need to pay for frequent treatments.

If you feel as though your wrinkles are having a huge impact on your happiness and wellbeing, there are steps you can take to reduce or even say goodbye to them for good. We all want to feel comfortable in our skin, so using any of the tips above can help in combatting wrinkles.


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