Monday, February 8, 2021

Hyaluronic Acid- Know It Before You Use It


Does your skin feel a little tight, itchy, and dehydrated? Hyaluronic acid can help your skin with all these problems. You must have heard the word and wondering what it is and how to use it -Right? Well, these days, this acid is being used in every serum and face mask. In case you are new to this ingredient, then let us inform you that you will be seeing this ingredient a lot in the coming months in almost every skincare product.


Here what you should know about this moisturizing powerhouse will soon be telling everyone you know about it.


What is Hyaluronic Acid?


It's not an acid that will burn your skin, but you will be amazed to know the fact that it occurs in your skin naturally. Now you must be thinking, what purpose does Hyaluronic Acid serve? Well, it is the primary molecule that is present in the skin moisture as it absorbs up to a thousand times its weight in water. Hence, it holds the moisture in your skin and makes your face look dewy and plump.


Now let's jump on to the benefits




The foremost benefit that this ingredient offers to your skin is hydration. Just imagine this acid as water for your skin. It binds moisture to the skin cells and filters the skin. There are plenty of hyaluronic acid serum in the market that inculcate every layer of the skin with worthy and rejuvenating moisture.


Lipid Barrier Enhancement


Our skin protects our body from the outside world like harmful toxins that try to enter our body every day, but the outer layer of the skin fights back and disallows those harmful toxins to enter our body. So, as we age, a slow down is seen in the lipid barrier in the epidermis, and every UV rays, environmental pollution, and lifestyle damage the skin. Hence, it becomes essential to nourish it, and this can be done with this product. It strengthens the skin's natural barriers so that it can hold the natural moisture of the skin.


Tighter Skin Tones


The elastin in the skin breaks down as we age, and no one likes saggy skin at any age. The best way to know the tightness of the skin is that when you hold your skin, it won't bounce back quickly. Now, it will not give you the tight back but will help it look tighter.


Controls the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles


It's never too late to start pampering and protecting your skin. This miracle ingredient gives benefit to the skin of 20 years old and 80 years old. By retaining the skin's moisture, it helps in minimizing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.




It reduces age pigmentation and spots, but this cannot be done with this single ingredient  alone. It would be best if you paired it with Vitamin C serum and Vitamin C booster.





Taking care of your skin is very important, and at every age, you need to keep holding your skin moisture to fight the harmful toxins present in the environment. It is the miracle ingredient, and now you know the benefits of it as well. So take an oath to protect your skin and maintain the moisture with the help of Hyaluronic Acid Serum.



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