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Crafting With Children On A Budget


Children can be expensive, and their childhood can go by so quickly. There are always things to buy and things that they want to do, but often time goes so quickly that it can be hard to just slow things down, take things that little bit easier, and just enjoy a moment. How often have your children slowed things down and took part in a crafty activity instead of just bouncing off the walls? From painting to stencils or crocheting, your children are never too old or young to get into crafting, and the great news is that you can even do it on a shoestring budget.

Why Craft - What Is The Benefit

Crafting encourages children to use their imaginations and creativity. Making things by themselves or doing things in a crafty and creative way will get their brains functioning and working. It will also give their eyes a break from any screens they may have been using. Using their hands to make something will provide them with a sense of achievement, especially if they have done it all by themselves. If children can craft by themselves, they become more self-sufficient as they are not dependant on others to make them happy or play games with.

Crafting Supplies

It could cost you a lot if you were to keep going shopping to buy supplies, but the good news is there are also lots of things you may throw in the trash that could be perfectly good and usable for your children’s crafts, from egg boxes to milk cartons and bottle tops.

Most things that you throw in the trash can be repurposed in a fun and creative way. So, before you throw anything away, think about where it can be used in any crafts, and if so, how it can be used. Just think that the money you save crafting with your children will allow you to go on that Maui family resorts vacation that you all totally deserve. Another good idea for cheap crafting supplies is to take a step out into nature. Most items within nature can be used and repurposed. From leaves used as transfers to twigs and sticks used as painting utensils, the possibilities really are endless.

What Type Of Craft

This depends on the age of your children and what they seem interested in. For example, you could have a 7-year-old who wants to do nothing but paint, and then a 9-year-old who is more interested in making things like sun catchers. The good news is that lots of crafts are suited to all different age groups, and crafts that were traditionally for older age groups, such as knitting, have been adapted to suit younger crafters, usually from 5+ years. Always ask your children what they would like to try. Trying to make children do a craft that they are not interested in a pointless exercise and will just end up in both them and you feel very annoyed and frustrated.



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