Friday, February 12, 2021

Adorn your Inner World with a DIY Fireplace Mantel


The fireplace and mantel have always been the central spot for most families. All the essential things surface around the fireplace. Family movie nights, general parent-child, siblings bonding, and homework time all occur in the living room around the fireplace. And, believe me when I say that there’s nothing better than a fireplace in frosty winter evenings.


Snuggling in a cozy blanket, clenching a good book while sipping your favorite red wine is the perfect idea of fun. And that’s the only reason for having a lovely fireplace shelf. After all, you always believe in creating a unique home decor instead of using something already in place or buying from a pre-made store.


Have you been thinking of building a hearth mantel for yourself? Well, thank me later when you read through all the ideas for creating awesome DIY fireplace mantels. Let’s get going with knowing the moments of best creation.



       Live Edge Wood Mantel


The fireplace gate plan lays hands on a dull stone fireplace. It swears to add a stunning makeover to your home. Have you been thinking about how to decorate a fireplace without a mantle previously? Now that you can build your own, why let your creative ideas go for a toss? You can allow your electric fireplace to attract all eyes with a fresh coat of paint on the wooden shelf. Thus, this easy project swears to give your frame both a polished and rustic look at the same time.


       Brick Fireplace Mantel


Do you own an old and stellar house that has a lovely brick fireplace? Well, you indeed love the original element but want to add a part to the modern piece. You wish to upgrade your space a little. And, why not?


You can get along with the idea with a pristine white new shelf surrounding it on the brick. All you’ve to do is break the visuals and outline the DIY process clearly. With this, you’ll have a perfect blend of a traditional fireplace with a modern-looking gate.



       Rustic Fireplace Mantel


You can give your living room a new crazy look by adding a rustic shelf above the fireplace. You can have a floating one if your electric fireplace has a gate already. Consider covering the same with a rustic mantel, which is usually a larger one. Know that adding your TV screen on top can bestow a great-look to the existing fireplace. The interior decor experts recommend watching some tutorials. You can also get the directions of straining and distressing the new mantel.



       Slim Cottage Inspired Painted Mantel


Is your living space smaller than the designs you’ve seen so far? Maybe you’ve spent years building a cottage that inspires your home aesthetic—looking for a DIY idea? Well, you can create a simple, slim mantel that surrounds your fireplace. Add an extra charm to the piece by painting it in a color that corresponds to the rest of the room.


Good Designs for Good Moments


Are you aware of another DIY enthusiast who wants to make their fireplace mantel? A bit of guidance their way will make their home decor process easy. Share your knowledge of different styles and let them dwell in tranquillity with a beautiful home.







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