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A Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss as a Mom


Becoming your own boss is difficult when you only have yourself to think of, and it can be even harder when you are planning to become your own boss as a mom. However, working for yourself has recently become one of the top career choices for parents due to the flexibility that this provides you with and the ability to spend more time with your family.

Find a Great Business Idea

One of the options that you have when deciding to become your own boss is to open your own business. To do this, you need to find a great business idea that can utilize your skills. Even if you are uncertain that you have any expert knowledge or skills that you can turn into a business, one thing that every mom is an expert at is being a parent. Many of the talents that you have developed as a mom can be used in business or to help other parents. For instance, some popular choices for business ideas for stay-at-home moms include drop-shipping, coaching or consultancies, or design.

Move to the Right City

However, if you are planning to be your own boss as a mom, you need to consider moving to the right city first. Although you can start up a business from anywhere, some locations in the USA provide you with more opportunities and inspiration through their proximity to other businesses in your industry. Then, to find out more about choosing the right location for your business and finding the right home to move to when you get there, read more on The Brandon Group`s official blog, which details some of the best locations to start up a business in Arkansas.

Take on Freelance or Remote Jobs

However, if starting up your own business sounds too hectic, you should consider the advantages of taking on a freelance or remote role. There are many freelance and remote roles available, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, and these range from marketing roles to translation services. To find the right project for you, all you have to do is to sign up to job boards such as Freelancer, which are specifically made to make searching for freelance work easier.

Network with Other Moms

To make your business known and get advice from others who have already gone into business in your area, you should consider networking with other parents. You can do this by signing up to forums online or by getting a membership to a group that hosts networking events and workshops on a local level.

Juggle Work and Family Life

The largest challenge of running a business and a family is balancing the two. The best ways to do this include searching for the best local childcare options or asking your family to help you to do this. You might also consider creating a separate office space within your home, which you can use solely for the purpose of completing the work that you need to do that day, away from the distractions that kids can provide you with.


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