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3 Home Improvements That Could Add Value To Your Property


It’s important to live in a property that you’re comfortable in; after all, your home is meant to be a sanctuary – a place in which you can be safe from the outside world. However, if you are making changes to ensure that your home is exactly how you want it, it makes sense to make changes that are going to add value to the property as well. Even if you don’t intend to sell it, having a more valuable property can be useful in other ways; it can give you equity to spend, for example, and if you ever choose to move elsewhere but keep the home and rent it out, you can ask for more money.


Whatever the reasons, adding value to your property is important, and there are some home improvements that are better for this than others. Read on to find out what some of them are.


Attic Conversion

What is your attic used for at the moment? If you’re like most people, it will be a storage area. Yet as useful as this can be, it will be even more useful if you are able to turn your attic into an actual room instead. This will certainly add value to the property, although you must ensure that it is done properly and that everything is up to code; otherwise, you could be causing more problems than solving them.


An attic room with plenty of light from pitched rooflights can make a stunning master suite, a playroom, a games room, or perhaps a study. You can use it for anything you want to, in fact, and by adding an entirely new room to your home, you’ll add a good percentage onto your home in terms of value.



Old, threadbare carpets (or carpets with patterns or in a color that is out of fashion) or scuffed up wooden floors or cracked linoleum and tiles is never a good look. To make your home more comfortable and to enhance its value, you can change your flooring quickly and easily, in a variety of different ways. Or you can simply choose carpet cleaning services in Peterborough to help you restore and maintain your old home charm.


Don’t just assume that if you had carpet before, you’ll need to have carpet again, or that if the wooden flooring looked good, tiles won’t look better, because it might be that you can make some different choices and create a look that works for you. Take your time to think not only of the design but also of the practicality of the flooring (carpet in a high traffic area might not work as well as tiles, for example) before you commit to anything.


The Backyard

While you’re thinking of the interior of your home, don’t neglect any outside space you might have. A forgotten backyard can become very difficult to deal with, and the longer you leave it, the worse it will get – and the more time, effort, and money it will take to put things right.


You don’t have to be an expert gardener to make your backyard a more enjoyable space that will add value to your home. Keeping it neat and tidy, cutting the lawn regularly, weeding on occasion, and cleaning any patio areas is all you really need to do.


To make your yard add value to your home, though, you will need to do more. The patio should be jet washed and, if it’s in bad condition, a new one should be installed. You might also want to think about having a pathway in your yard, and lighting which always makes any outside space look more attractive.


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