Tuesday, January 5, 2021

How to improve the layout of a house?


Improving the layout of a house is an idea that usually occurs to all people who live in small homes and, over time, end up feeling that they lack space or that the organization is not optimal. It is not always easy to take advantage of the different rooms in our home, but there is no doubt that we all want to live in comfort and feel that our personal space is as spacious as possible. Many factors influence, from some simple -such as how organized we are, or the number of things we have- to other more complex -how the house has been planned, mainly. Some of these factors we can modify ourselves, but in other cases, we will need a construction and renovation company. Let's see now, room by room, what we must take into account to improve the distribution of a home when we are going to tackle a reform or plan to build a house from scratch and make it both practical and beautiful. 


The abundance of natural light. 

We put it first because it is undoubtedly the most important factor. If our house receives a lot of natural light, we will not only save energy, but we will lead a healthier lifestyle and we will always have a pleasant feeling of greater space. It is not always possible for all the rooms in a house to be exterior, but it should be, at least, those that we use most often: dining rooms, living rooms, games rooms, etc.


The kitchen. 

Ideally, the kitchen should be located near the house entrance, to save us trips carrying things back and forth from the boot of our car. Also, the best orientation for a kitchen in the north, since this will combat to some extent the problem of excess heat when cooking. So, you should ensure that if you are remodeling your house, you think of the optimum benefit location. 


The living room. 

As we were advancing in the first point, the living room should be one of the most natural light rooms. This room will be the center of our social and family life, so it must be bright, pleasant and spacious. The south orientation is ideal since we will take advantage of the sunlight for a longer period. Add some wall art. You can look at craftoak.com for further inspiration. 


The office spaces.

An inescapable element of the workspace is the desk or a table. It should only meet one premise: adapt to the available space and serve practical purposes. In the past, computers took up a lot of space, but today they are getting smaller and less space-stealing. Also, it is not necessary to have large surfaces to install a phone. The Twofold by Michael Hilgers, for example, or the Workout by Murken Hansen save a lot of space. At the bottom, both are shelves. Twofold can be turned into a desk by lowering a wooden panel, while Workout allows you to change the height of the work surface to sit or stand and offers a tabletop to support other elements. Being savvy is the key to remodeling your home well. 



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