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Dealing with a Fear of Learning to Drive


Driving is an intrinsic part of many people’s lives throughout the world. For some, however, the very thought of getting behind the wheel sparks immense feelings of nervousness and anxiety.

It is important to remember that nobody starts out as an expert by any means, and as with most life skills, it takes time to nurture and master.

If you feel as though you need to learn to drive, but you cannot shake the innate feeling of discomfort attached to the subject, then here are some points that you may find helpful to think about.

You are not Alone

You may be feeling as though you are the only person on Earth who suffers from a fear of learning drive, so it might be important to know that this is certainly not the case. Experiencing a specific phobia is relatively common.

Despite the fears you may be facing, learning to drive can be an essential life skill, and once you have done it, you might start to see a whole new world of opportunity unfolding before you.

A Reliable Teacher

Finding a reliable driving instructor is a fantastic way to help build your confidence. You may want to consider the wonderful options at Alliance Driving School for those of you who want access to experienced professional help.

If starting the process in the first place seems like an impossibility right now, it is worth bearing in mind that it only gets easier. Moreover, you can set the lessons at your own pace, and learning drive does not mean you are thrown in at the deep end and made to get straight on the road.

Do Some Reading

Doing some reading about a driving phobia’s ins and outs may help you gain some insight into why you feel the way you do. There is an abundance of literature regarding the nature of phobias on the internet, so you may wish to try and confront the some of the possible reasons that led to the manifestation of your fear.

Finding interviews with people who overcame their fear and learned to drive can be a great way of shedding some light on the process through a different perspective. Similarly, asking your friends and family for advice might make you feel more comfortable about the situation.

Enlist the Help of Virtual Reality

You might wish to consider using technology to help you get over your fear through the medium of virtual reality.

Consider the Long-Term Benefits

If you can think of all the great benefits of learning to drive, you may be able to visualize an optimistic future in which you can use your new license to go wherever you wish. Driving can allow you freedom, choice, and independence. Thinking about what you want to go on a road trip someday may help you overcome the initial anxiety of stepping into the driver’s seat.

It might be worth noting that just because you have started learning to drive, it does not mean you have to immediately invest in a car and spend all your time on the road. Driving is a useful skill that you will always have in the bag once you try.


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