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4 Ways To Give Your Old Home A Modern Twist


Old homes are lovely, but there is no reason not to give your faithful old house a makeover with some more modern design tropes. Adding some modern aspects to an old home can create more space, improve some of the practical hitch ups of old designs and create a far more lively and enthusing living space. Here are a few tips for giving your old home a modern twist.

Revamp Your Lighting

Integrating modern lighting into an old house can provide a great aesthetic breath of fresh air. Many old houses have dark corners and nooks that simply were not practical to light when the house was built. By bringing light into every corner of your home, you can highlight amazing spaces that were left by the wayside. Revamping your lighting can make your old home seem bigger, and there are plenty of creative modern lighting solutions on the market today.

Automate Your Doors

If you are lucky enough to have sliding doors in your home, automation can give them a new lease of life and create a boldly modern aesthetic within the home. We all secretly wish we lived on the USS Enterprise, right?

Companies such as evoproducts.com offer systems that can be discreetly added to your existing sliding doors. Automating your doors not only gives your house an assuredly futuristic look, but it does so while not altering the special dynamics of the home itself. Automated doors can also be handy for making your home more accessible to people with disabilities and for letting your pets in and out of their own volition.

Be Bold With Patterns

According to Ben Kendrick over at Country Living, patterns are a great way to give an old home a modern twist. Bold floral and geometric wallpaper and carpeting can give an old home a sharp edge without sacrificing any of the comfortable aesthetics you may be used to.

Appropriate Retrofuturism

Updating according to the era your house was built takes a little bit more creativity and imagination than any of the other tips on this list. One thing to remember is that any good representation of the future also reflects the past. Think about a good science fiction universe: it may be set in a fantastical future, but you’ll be reminded of the genesis of any futuristic design. The Jetsons’ furniture reminds you of the 1950s, no? This is known as retrofuturism.

A great way of creating a modern look in the home while staying true to the spacing and aesthetics of the architecture is to take the design principles of the era your house was built in and think to yourself, how would the people of that era use today’s technology to decorate my home. For instance, if you live in a Victorian neo-gothic house, you might want to incorporate vaulting by utilizing neon and contoured plastics. Thinking daringly using the building era of your home as a base can lead to some amazing and unconventional results.




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