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How to Have a Perfect Skin - All Types of Skins



Plump, soft, smooth with a dewy finish skin is what every woman is eager to have. Some are blessed to have the perfect flawless glass skin but for many, it is a dream. Ethni Beauty Market is a one-stop-shop with a plethora of beauty products, cosmetics, and skin and hair care products.


Essentials for perfect skin:


1.      Understanding your skin type is the primary solution for all skin-related issues. The first step to getting perfect skin is to analyse what is your skin type – oily, normal, combination, acne-prone, dry, or aging. Place a tissue on your face after half-hour of washing and check; you have: dry skin - if your skin is tight, oily skin- if there is residue, combination skin – if there is residue on T zone, normal skin – no residue and no tight skin, Acne or Sensitive skin – if you have redness or irritation, aging skin- if you have wrinkles and fine lines.


2.      Diligently follow a skincare regimen, based on the analysis. Now that you know your skin type, follow a suitable skincare regimen. Make a habit to follow the routine twice a day. For dry and flaky skin all your products must be hydrating. Choose products with salicylic acid or Hyaluronic acid. Oily skin produces a lot of sebum due to fat glands you still need to moisturize your skin though, however, look for products that are “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic.” Acne and sensitive skin need a light moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores. Always moisturize your skin and use gentle cleansers and products with less than 10 ingredients and without fragrance. Aging skin needs collagen boosters and elasticity builders, use products that boost hydration. 


3.      Establish a simple yet yielding skincare routine, follow the steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice every day, use products based on your skin type. Exfoliate your skin once a week to scrub off dead skin, use mild and good products. Remember it is your skin – the pollution, germs, dirt, harmful UV rays harm and damage your skin. To protect from all the external damaging factors invest in high-quality products that soothe your skin. Moisturize and use sunscreen even while you are indoors. Remove makeup without fail, dab or pat dry your face; don’t rub. 


4.      Combat acne-prone skincare challenges with products having triclosan, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid, sulphur, retinoid, and azelaic acid. Most of them get cured with over the counter topical creams with these ingredients if your acne is too stubborn consult a dermatologist. Don’t pop your pimples there are many pimples or breakout patches available use them to get rid of them. Anti-oxidant rich creams for aging skin boost skin tone. Kinetin boosts collagen in aging skin.


Make some lifestyle improvements like good 8 hours of sleep, nutritious food including multi-vitamins and supplements. Hydrating skin from within with 12 glasses of water and fresh fruit juices, vegetable smoothies, etc. makes skin flawless, nourished, and supple. Physical fitness contributes to good skin having any kind of fitness regime helps in overall health.



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