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Customising your car- make your ride more true to you


Day in, day out we’re looking at the same vehicle. It might be your pride and joy… or it might be something you picked up off of the ‘to be scrapped’ list of your local junkyard, and quite frankly, is a bit of an embarrassment to be seen in.

Either way, it’s what you rock around in and it deserves more love and credit than you might be willing to give it for the amount of work it does for you. So it’s about time you did, by giving it some serious spa treatment!

But you’re probably thinking: ‘what? Give my car some spa treatment? You are crazy!’

Think of it this way: your car is what you drive around in. It's a space you live in, it’s a space that shows you off to strangers. It’s a representation of your character and personality to other people in the world.

So, how can you make your ride true to you?

Like so many things, it’s just a case of following a few tips. Nail these and you will be on the road to having a better relationship with your car, well into the future- as well as impressing your friends and family with how smooth and sleek that old piece of metal now is!

But where do I start?

So let’s start with this- most healing processes start with what’s on the inside. So, clean out the rubbish and wrappers and give it a good old vacuum! A cleaner living space is good for the heart and the mind and removes distractions while driving, so it might help you concentrate on the road better.

Put in some air freshener, buy some new seat covers- get a new steering wheel cover if you feel like it. Whatever you feel gels with your vibe! Don’t forget to fit an AUX cord if you haven’t already. Music is a massive part of making your car perfect for you, so you’ve got to have your freshest tunes at the ready to impress your friends.

So, what about the exterior?

Give it a wash and change its color! If you have the time you could always do it yourself- or you could get a professional to do it for you! If you live in a big city like San Diego, you might want to try Modern Image to give it a professional car makeover to make your car look and feel brand new! It’s sure to strike compliments from everyone- not only will this up your confidence, but it’ll make people know how you like to take care of the things you own.

So with that start, you should be able to start a new journey with your beloved car and really let it represent the kind of person you really are! It’s a great alternative to buying a new car- always know you can start over again without destroying the old and to mold foundations into what you truly want to work towards!




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