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5 Extra-Romantic Ways to Propose Your Partner at Home


Did you know that over 
4 million Americans get married each year?

If you've found the one for you, you probably dream about tying the knot often. Since there's a lot of pressure surrounding marriage, it's understandable why proposing can be intimidating.

Who says you need to plan an extravagant proposal in front of a ton of people? If you and your partner love spending quality time together, keep reading for 5 marriage proposal ideas at home that are sure to blow them away.

1. Scrapbook Together

Sometimes the best at-home marriage proposal ideas are the ones that are least expected. You could tell your partner that you found a cool scrapbook kit on sale and you thought it could be a fun craft to do when you're bored. Once you and your partner finally get to the last page, they'll be shocked when they see that the page is already decorated with proposal themes.

Then you can turn to them, get on your knee, and pop the question.

2. Cook a Romantic Meal

Many people's love language is acts of service, which means that taking the time to prepare a tasty feast could be all you need to woo them. Whether you plan a simple breakfast in bed or a gourmet dinner, they're sure to be impressed. If you're in need of some easy marriage proposal ideas, you could always order your favorite takeout and put the food on some nice plates and set up a beautiful table.

3. Plan a Clever Scavenger Hunt

If you're looking for cool marriage proposal ideas, nothing is more exciting than planning a scavenger hunt around the house. Each clue can be related to special memories you have. After they solve each step, your partner could find a puzzle piece that will eventually come together to build the question: "Will you marry me?"

4. Transform Your Backyard

Epic marriage proposal ideas may require more time and resources, but the look on your partner's face is worth it all. One way you can spoil your loved one is to give your backyard a cozy makeover with twinkling lights and flowers from Dose-roses.com. When they walk outside to the picturesque scene, they'll be teary-eyed in no time.

5. Relive Your First Date

One of the sweetest marriage proposal ideas is to recreate your first date. If your first date was out in the world, all you need to do is get creative with your new setting. For example, if you went out for drinks and a romantic stroll, you could set up an at-home bar and play a live stream of the city you visited in the background.

Have You Fallen in Love With These Marriage Proposal Ideas at Home?

Now that you know about 5 of the best marriage proposal ideas at home, you can develop a beautiful plan to surprise your loved one. No matter which proposal you choose, your partner is sure to feel special and loved.

Do you want to know other ways you can bond with your partner? Don't forget to check out our blog to find more relationship tips and guides.


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