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Top Tips for Finding the Best Toys for the Holidays This Year {+ A Tech Toy Holiday Gift Guide}

 The Christmas season is quickly approaching and for many of us, that means we're scrambling to find the best gifts for everyone on our list. I always like to find fun and creative gifts for everyone on my list anyway...gifts that they will absolutely love and use, not just turn around and return or re-gift next year. This year especially though, I find myself wanting the holidays to be even more special than ever... especially for the kids in my life. 

Whether it's your own children, grandchildren or family friends, how do you go about finding the right toys to match everyone on your list? Today I'm sharing a few tips, along with some great tech toy gift ideas from SGILE Toys to consider this year:

1. Choose Toys Related To Their Interest. 

For most of the children on our lists, chances are you know them pretty well... or at the very least you know their parents. Find out what type of topics they are into, and search for toys that fit in with that category. Right now, my daughter is really into science so we've been looking for gifts accordingly.

Dinosaurs are a really popular fandom for children... and what dinosaur loving kid wouldn't love their own RC Dinosaur Robot Toy. This dino does a little bit of everything- from fighting to dancing and is even programmable too. With so many options, kids may never get bored! 

2. Stick with the Basics.

On the occasions where you really don't know the child that well--- perhaps it's through a gift exchange or you're looking for a good toy to donate, etc., it can be a good idea to stick with some of the more traditional gift ideas. Boards games can be great (and are a perfect family gift as well), along with dolls for girls, cars for boys, or other fun classic toys. I have found that when gifts are coming from family members who don't know my children as well, there is one common gift that my son in particular gets often: Remote Control Car Toys. While this isn't something he ever has asked for on his own, he loves them each and every time And you know what? So does everyone else! It seems that every kid there is always drawn to them, and yes... even some of the grown ups too. This RC Car Toy is an ideal option with it's rugged style. I love that it can be used indoors or outdoors for even more fun and play options. Plus, when racing with others it has no signal interference making it perfect for sibling or cousin races! 

While you cannot go wrong with your more traditional RC car, you can also take it to the next level with a fun RC Stunt Car Toy. Not only will the green version of this fun car grab everyone's attention, it's even more fun too! It can move in all directions, do extreme 360-degree tumbling spins and flip on both sides using its controller. This high speed racer will insure the kid on your list has the absolutely coolest car on the block! It's safe for kids ages 6+, and I can say that this is something that even my 13-year-old would have a blast with as well. 

3. Choose Toys that Teach. 

As a mom, I love educational toys. I think kids so often learn best while they are playing, so why would we not encourage that. When my kids were younger, it was all about those educational toys that taught them the basics-- letters, colors, numbers, shapes, etc. Now that my kids have gotten a little older, STEM toys are definitely high on my list. And the best are so often those in which kids don't even realize that they are actually learning... just that they are having a blast. 

This awesome RC Robot Toy is a great option to do just that. It sings and dances, and has a patrol features that allows it move on it's own freely, detecting and avoiding obstacles too. All very fun for kids! Even better though is that kids can program it themselves too, putting them in control. Pretty cool, right? I know my kids love things like that! And let's be honest, he's a pretty cool looking robot too! 

4. Choose Toys that Inspire the Imagination.

Encouraging kids to use their imagination in play is one of the most important things we can do, in my mind. With a good imagination, kids can never be bored after all. Still, many don't often associate tech toys with imagination and creativity. What I love about so many of the toys on this list is that while they are tech driven, they also have more creative elements with the multi functions and programming features. But I have saved perhaps the very best imaginative tech toy for last: Robot Dog

What kid doesn't want their very own robot dog? I know I did as a kid, and my daughter very much feels the same. Pet toys in general are so often some of her favorites (and with as many are there are on the market, clearly she's not alone in that). Why does she love them so much? My daughter is definitely my most imaginative child. She loves pretending to take care of her pets, playing veterinarian and oh so much more. This fun robot dog gives her more interaction than her plush toys as she takes care of him, and appeals to her enjoyment of robots too as she is able to program him to her liking. It truly is a win/win! 

What do you look for in tech toys for the children on your list? Which of these toys from SGILE Toys would they most love to find under the tree this year? 


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