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Support Your Kids' Immune Health with Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies {A #MomsMeet Review + Coupon Code}

 I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Cold and flu season is upon us, and this year more than ever it seems important to do everything in our power to stay healthy. With one little sniffle, kids find themselves home from school. We know the basics of staying healthy: we wear our masks, wash our hands and otherwise practice good hygiene. We stay home when we're sick and encourage others to do the same. We eat healthy and try to take care of our bodies as best as we can. 

Another way that we can better support our immune systems is with the addition of supplements. Today, I'm sharing one such option: Norm's Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies!

So, what makes Norm's Farms ElderKids a great option this season and all year long?

First and foremost, Norm's Farms Elderberry Gummies are made with black elderberry gummies sustainably grown right here in the United States. Chances are if you've been looking into natural immune support options, elderberries have come up in your researching over and over again... and for good reason! Elderberries are quite well known for their powerful immune supporting properties thanks to being packed with Vitamins A, B and C , iron, potassium, and the powerful antioxidants known as anthocyanins. 

While there are various ways to get elderberries into your diet, these gummies provide an easy and convenient way to get immune and digestive support that both kids and adults can find appealing. After all, what kid doesn't like a gummy? Let's be honest, many of us adults find ourselves preferring them over typical syrups and supplements as well. They were created with children ages 4-12 with a suggested serving size of one ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummy per day. Adults and older children/teens can also enjoy and benefit from them with a suggested serving of two gummies a day, making them truly a great option for the whole family. 

They are also USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and are TRU-ID tested and made with all-natural, clean ingredients. As such, it is a supplement that you can feel confident giving to your family. Isn't that one of the most important things? Perhaps one thing that really set them apart for me personally is that with every Organic Elderberry Gummy you buy from Norm’s Farms, they donate a penny to Love One International. This is a nonprofit dedicated to providing life-saving medical treatment for children in Uganda. That’s 60 cents donated for every bottle! Good for my own family... and giving back to others at the same time? I absolutely love this, and it makes me want to support the company even more! 

Of course, while all of this sounds good on paper... for kids, it does ultimately come down to the taste, doesn't it? We were recently given the chance to try some out for ourselves. Now, I can't say my daughter found them to be the very best tasting gummy she's ever experiences... but they were also far from the worst. They tasted good enough that she has no issues at all taking them daily with no fuss whatsoever. They are also a good size so that they are not overwhelming for smaller kids either. 

Ready to give them a try for yourself this cold and flu season? Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies are available to purchase in select stores and online at normsfarms.com. Find a store near you at normsfarms.com/pages/where-to-buy

Typical retail price for Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies is $22.49 per full-size (60 gummies) bottle. Right now, you can save  10%  on Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies using code MOM10 at checkout. 

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